Ladies and Gentlemen,
Ha Noi, the capital city of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, is the political, administrative, cultural, scientific, educational and economic center of the country. Ha Noi was recognized as the “City for Peace” in 1999 by UNESCO and the “Heroic Capital” in 2000 by the State President. Throughout its over-thousand-year history, Ha Noi is one of the oldest capital cities in Southeast Asia.
Ha Noi, formerly known as Thang Long, is the sacred land of extraordinary people with tangible and intangible culture values accumulated over thousand years of national protection and building. The cultural identities of Hanoians, namely heroism, talent and elegance, are crystallized from noble cultural values of Viet Nam.
Over 30 years of reform, Ha Noi has been promoting industrialization, modernization and international integration. Its infrastructure has been modernized with crowded industrial zones, commercial centers and urban areas. So far, the city has friendly relations and cooperation with nearly 100 capitals and cities over the world, trade and economic relations with 187 countries and territories. Ha Noi has also proactively entered multilateral forums, including Asian Network of Major Cities 21, Association of French-speaking Mayors and League of Historical Cities.
To promote and improve the effectiveness of international integration, Ha Noi has strengthened economic ties with partners; boosted bilateral investment promotion, trade and tourism in potential markets; improved the investment environment; promoted trade and investment cooperation projects, programs; speeded up economy restructuring, agricultural modernization and economic development in suburbans; attracted investment in business and infrastructure development; improved the competitiveness of products, etc.
In addition, Ha Noi always focus on exchanging and sharing cultural and spirit values with the world, through joining in social-cultural cooperation and development organizations; signing bilateral agreements on cooperation in cultural, educational, social development; cooperating with other cities and capital cities in the preservation of the old quarter and architectural works in Ha Noi.
In the new development stage, Ha Noi continues its leading role, makes full use of its potential and advantages, becomes a friendly destination for international friends.
To contribute to promoting the image of the country, people, history, culture, great potential for cooperation, investment and the development of the capital city to international friends, and to create a better access to the mechanisms, policies and public administrative services of the city government for foreign organizations and individuals, Ha Noi has always focused on improving the quality of information and provided public administrative services in Ha Noi Portal (
We hope that international friends, foreign investors, Vietnamese expatriates will feel satisfied when accessing Ha Noi Portal.
Finally, on behalf of the Ha Noi People's Committee, I would like to send you my respectful greetings.
                                                                                                                       Nguyen Duc Chung
                                                                                                                   Chairman of Ha Noi People’s Commitee

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