Mid-Autumn Festival: The Long-lasting Traditions (16:31 08/09/2017)

HNP - A program entitled “Mid-Autumn Festival: The Long-lasting Traditions” will take place on September 9 at Ha Noi 1010 Cultural Exchange Space (No. 32 Vong Thi, Buoi Ward, Tay Ho District).

With the rapid development of society, the toy market for children on Mid-Autumn season has also changed drastically. The majority of the toys currently on sale have been imported from foreign countries, while the traditional ones – once were so dear to many generations – are slowly disappearing.

However, somewhere in the street corners of Ha Noi, artisans still spend their days making traditional Vietnamese toys, such as: paper masks (Mat Na Giay Boi), paper doctors (Tien Sy Giay), tin boats (Tau Thuy Sat Tay), star-shaped lanterns (Den Ong Sao) and lions' heads (Dau Lan Su Tu) to preserve the ancient craft.

Visitors to the event will understand more about the festival’s spirit from the previous generations.

Children to the event will have chance to make lanterns and paper masks with instructions from the artisans.

The event is free of charge, but tickets are required to participate in the workshops (fees include materials’ cost and allowance for the artisans).

By Le Anh

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