HNP – Though the 20th century was over, its pinnacle still lingers at identities of the approx 1,000-year capital city, which can be demonstrated in the history of Thang Long rather than Hanoi. Nowadays, Hanoi is eliminating obsolete things but developing good traditions of ancient Thang Long so as to foster spiritual values” and preserve cream of the ancient capital city.


HNP – It is very lucid for the Ly Dynasty King to choose Thang Long as the country’s capital and this is a nation’s historic turning-point and a start for an age of independence and prosperity of Vietnamese people.


HNP – Hanoi, with an approx 1,000-year history, converges Vietnamese culture and civilization; thus, Hanoians are naturally representatives of “Vietnamese behavior”.           Though they are not perfumed, they are still jasmine         Though they are not elegant, they are still Trang An people


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