Implementing project on improving management quality of industrial chemical production and trade to 2020 (16:06 18/04/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee issued Plan No. 73/KH-UBND dated March 22, 2018 on implementing the project entitled “Improving quality of management over industrial chemical production and trade in Ha Noi to 2020” in 2018.

According to the plan, the city will perform the following tasks in 2018:

- Continuing information work to popularize legal regulations on chemicals, and provide the latest information on chemicals practices on mass media. The popularization is designed according to each of the target groups dealing with chemicals (production, trade, use and storage of chemicals) in the capital city; it focuses on the bad effect of industrial chemicals to people’s health, and the harm of consuming food including industrial chemicals;

- Conducting training classes to implement popularization and provide guidance to the city’s officers at all levels, focusing on legal regulations on managing chemical practices and punishments for administrative violations in the field of chemical practices;

- Enhancing the implementation of Directive No. 10/CT-UBND dated July 9, 2015 of the Municipal People’s Committee on increasing management of production and trade of chemicals in Ha Noi; paying attention to recruiting and assigning officers qualified for technologies and chemicals to chemical management; conducting inspection, exchanging experiences, and enhancing cooperation with other provinces of Viet Nam in the field of chemical management;

- Organizing inspection and examination sessions for the establishments which deal with chemicals, focusing on their compliance with regulations on safety, fire fighting and prevention, prevention of harmful chemical leakage and environment protection, as well as their ability to respond to chemical incidents on site; checking and closely supervising the implementation of technical process and standard in manufacturing and using chemicals, in particular dangerous chemicals in the establishments; applying severe punishments for cases of manufacturing, trading and using chemicals without meeting requirements as stipulated in legal regulations;

- Examining products on the market which are categorized as dangerous chemicals, focusing on their labels, origin, business conditions and transportation conditions; applying severe punishments for the cases that do not have complete dossiers or fail to meet transportation condition stipulated in the law;

- Increasing collaboration with competent authorities including the Public Security, Military, Customs, Police of Fire Prevention and Fighting, Market Surveillance, and Inspectorate of the Ministry of Industry and Trade to closely supervise and tighten control over chemical activities in all processes (production, import, trade, circulation on the market, and usage of chemicals in manufacturing), thus maintaining safety conditions in establishments dealing with chemicals, especially in the ones which are prone to fire and explosion.

By Le Anh

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