Developing preschool education in Ha Noi by 2020 (16:08 26/07/2017)

HNP - The Ha Noi Municipal People’s Committee issued Plan No. 143/KH-UBND dated June 19 on developing preschool education in Ha Noi by 2020.

The plan aims to:

- Build and develop a network of kindergartens towards standardization, modernization, socialization and international integration;

- Developing the capacity of the management cadres and pre-school teachers to meet requirements of comprehensively reforming the education and training;

- Guaranteeing the equality in pre-school education;

- Improving the quality of child care, nurture and education, striving to meet pre-school education standard of the region, comprehensively develop children’s physique, emotion, intellectuality and aesthetic sense, and create premise for qualities and capacities of global citizens and prepare the children for elementary schools;

- Improving the quality of general pre-school education for five-year-old children, striving to meet the standard of general pre-school education for children in 2025.

Accordingly, Ha Noi sets following targets to 2020:

- Mobilizing children in school age to go to school, improving the quality of child care and education, accessing pre-school education of countries in the region and in the world:

At least 50% of children in nursery school age and 100% of pre-school age will go to school; quality of general preschool education for five-year-old children is further guaranteed.

Lunch is provided for all preschool groups and classes; the rate of malnourished children is reduced to 3%; the rate of overweight children is curbed; at least 10% of children meet development standards; 60% of the schools meet the standard of education quality.

- Building and planning the school network, make it standardized, modernized and internationally integrated:

It is expected that 65-70% of public preschools meet national standard. Schools and classrooms are improved; by 2020, there is no degraded or temporal classroom. All schools have standard latrines and water supply; each district, suburban district or town has at least one high-quality preschool in the area where economic situation is good.

- Developing the contingent of teachers:

At least 80% of teachers and 100% of managers have bachelor degree or higher degree; all teachers satisfy professional standard. The Ha Noi Nursery School and Kindergarten Training School will be upgraded to Ha Noi Nursery School and Kindergarten College; this is part of effort to reach the target of 80% of teachers holding bachelor degree or higher degree.

In order to meet the goals, Ha Noi will focuses on following measures:

- Increasing the popularization and education of politics and ideology, especially focusing on spreading examples of good teachers and good deeds, preschool facilities and localities which have excellent performance in reforming and developing preschool education;

- Developing the contingent of managers, teachers and staffs in preschools to meet requirement of comprehensively reforming the education and training; implementing proper policies to the teachers; creating favorable conditions for teachers and managers to visit and learn about modern models in the country and the world;

- Improving management and quality of child care and nurture in preschools, in particular applying information and technology and administration reform in preschool facilities; enhancing the reform of teaching, learning and management methods, thus raising quality and efficiency of teaching and learning;

- Building modern school models, improving preschool education method and content towards international integration; increasing effort to call for investment of the private sector in preschool education, and increasing international cooperation; completing the planning on school network, increasing financial resources to standardize and modernize facilities in the schools.

By Le Anh

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