Peak year of food safety and hygiene in the agricultural sector (16:31 27/03/2017)

HNP - The Municipal People’s Committee issued Plan No. 50/KH-UBND dated March 1 on launching Peak year of food safety and hygiene in the agricultural sector in 2017.

The plan has following targets:

- Increase effectiveness and capacity to manage food hygiene and safety, reduce biological contaminants, chemical residues and antibiotics in production and trading of agriculture, forestry and fishery products, hence meeting consumers’ demand of food safety and expanding import, export markets;

- Prevent and stop distribution, trading and use of prohibited substances, overuse of antibiotics in livestock farming, cultivation, preservation and processing of agriculture, forestry and fishery products; prevent and stop trading and use of plant protection products, veterinary medicines, environment treatment substances, preservatives and food additives excluded in the list, and substandard, unsafe preservatives and food additives in cultivation, animal husbandry and aquaculture; tighten control over slaughter, transport, wholesale and retail of meat, hence minimizing contamination;

- By the end of 2017, the rate of residues of plant protection products and preservatives in vegetables, fruits and tea, rate of chemicals, antibiotics, preservatives and additives in meat and farm aquatic products, and rate of microbial contamination in meat is reduced by 10% against 2016; all food safety officers at all levels are trained and provided up-to-date knowledge of food safety; all cases of food poisoning involving origin of farm products are investigated and handled timely; 80% of food production, trading facilities under management of the city are provided knowledge and practices of food safety;

- Increase the number of agro, forestry and fishery production and trading facilities that meet food safety requirements by 15% in comparison to 2016; expand and develop supply chains of safe agro, forestry and fishery products; conduct inspection and supervision, issue food safety certificates, and publicize them in stores and shops; increase sense and responsibility for food safety of producers, traders and consumers.

The Ha Noi Department of Agriculture and Rural Development acts as focal point to implement the plan in Ha Noi, guarantee progress and effectiveness of the plan. People’s Committees of districts and towns make their own plans to implement the campaign in areas, and direct subordinate units to perform tasks as assigned.

By Le Anh

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