Hanoi takes measures to prevent bird flu in 2019-2025 (13:57 27/09/2019)

HNP - Hanoi People’s Committee issued plan No.211/KH-UBND on September 19, providing measures to prevent bird flu in the capital in the 2019-2025 period. 

Following the plan, in the 2019-2025 period, Hanoi targets 100% districts, communes and villages having prevention plan against bird flu; efficiently containing epidemic, timely detecting and containing the spread of the virus; preventing the emergence of new and dangerous virus spreading in the city; ensuring the rate of vaccination for at least 80% of the number of poultry subject to vaccine; establishing safe facilities and farming areas; contributing to the reduction or no additional case of human infected with bird flu. 
To fulfill these targets, Hanoi has been setting up consistent measures, including information dissemination on the epidemic, the risk of the epidemic resurgence on large area and the infiltration of different kinds of dangerous flu viruses into Vietnam and Hanoi. 
The local authority would focus on raising awareness among communities regarding bird flu and strains  of dangerous flu viruses, as well as the dangerous nature of the infection and measures to prevent and treat patients infected with virus; adopting safe farming practices and using breeds with clear origins and vaccinated by veterinarian authorities; consuming fully cooked poultry; promoting people to report on poultry infected with bird flu or those with risk of infection  with such virus and preventing any behavior that could spread the epidemic. 
Along with monitoring the epidemic, Hanoi is expected to focus on providing vaccination for poultry. For districts and communes with high risks, the city would allocate necessary budget to purchase additional vaccines, cover costs for vaccination for all poultry in the target areas. 
Depending on the actual circumstance, Hanoi People’s Committee assigns the municipal Agriculture and Rural Development to propose the cost required for vaccination and suitable types of vaccines, ensuring the efficiency in dealing with the epidemic. 
Additionally, Hanoi puts priority on supervising the transportation of animals and products related to animals; managing and checking markets selling poultry; monitoring the butchering and breeding processes; sanitizing and establishing a safe farming area against the epidemic.

By Ngoc Lam

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