Policies of Ha Noi

Strengthening effort to handle smuggling, trading of prohibited goods (16:56 7/12/2015)

HNP – Pursuant Official Letter No. 78-BCD389/TP, the Ha Noi Steering Committee 389 asks member agencies, districts and towns to strengthen inspection and handle smuggling, trading of prohibited goods.

Recently, Vietnamese customs and police officers detected around 200 containers with 5,000 tons of prohibited goods worth around VND 1 trillion. The Ha Noi Steering Committee 389/TP asked Department of Industry and Trade to direct market control authorities to check all trading facilities, storage and kiosks offering these products, find origins of the products and handle violations strictly. Special attention is paid to electronics, air conditioners, washing machines, home appliances, bicycles and goods that are not allowed to be imported into Viet Nam.

Police officers are required to continue investigation, keep an eye on people and facilities trading prohibited goods and conduct examination in cooperation with market control authorities when they find any clue of violation. Professional activities and investigations should be promoted, and violations handled strictly.

Ha Noi Customs Department is responsible for increasing supervision of secondhand exports and prohibited products, especially machineries, equipments, machine accessories, industrial raw materials, while proactively informing police and market control officers of big importers.

The Steering Committees 389 of districts and towns also direct local authorities to enhance inspection, detect and handle violations of smuggling and trading prohibited goods, and promote popularization of law on combating smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeit goods.

By Mai Phuong