Environment protection in craft villages for 2016-2020 period (15:39 10/05/2016)

HNP - The Municipal People’s Committee issued Plan No. 235/KH-UBND on environment protection in craft villages in Ha Noi for the 2016-2020 period.

The plan aims at raising awareness and responsibility of all levels and sectors, organizations and individuals on craft village environmental protection on craft village management and development in the area; gradually overcoming, improving environmental pollution in craft villages, timely preventing the occurrence of new environmental pollution craft villages; protecting health, improving the quality of life and ensure the people's life in the craft villages area, contributing to developing social economic sustainably.

The work of environmental protection in the craft villages must meet the following requirements: completing policy tools and laws for the management and protection of the environment, especially the preferential policies supporting traditional craft villages; uniformly managing information on the number and status of production, the environment of recognized craft villages and craft villages; assessing the level of environmental pollution in craft villages; making a list of seriously polluted craft villages to timely handle; strengthening inspection and handling violations, overcoming the consequences of environment pollution.

The specific content of the plan:

In 2016, Ha Noi approved Project on protecting environment in Ha Noi’s craft villages until 2020, vision to 2030, and planning schemes of industrial zones, clusters in Ha Noi until 2020, vision to 2030. The city might require craft villages to meet environment protection criteria  in order to be recognized.

In 2016 and 2017, Ha Noi will conduct survey, release statistics and classify craft villages in the area in eight groups (food processing; crafts; dyeing and tanning; recycling of waste; mechanical and metal processing; production of construction materials; animal husbandry and slaughtering; other types). Facilities in the villages will be classified according to risk of causing environmental pollution.

For the period of 2016 to 2020, the city will check environment protection criteria of recognized craft villages, and make plan for the recognized ones but have not yet met environment criteria. Examination and inspection will be conducted regularly and unexpectedly to check production facilities in handicraft villages and the ones in rural residential areas.

Furthermore, Ha Noi will organize periodic, unscheduled inspections to check the observance of the of regulations on environmental protection in craft villages and production facilities located in rural residential areas; assess pollution and waste treatment in craft villages, announce information about pollution in the villages and improve policies, mechanism for further development; strengthen the education and communication to raise awareness and responsibility of the community in environmental protection; manage the waste collection, transport, recycling and disposal in rural areas.

Authorities will check and certify environment protection reports, commitments and projects for production facilities in villages, make plans according to regulations, and check whether the industrial zones and clusters comply with environment protection regulations.

By Le Anh

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