City to enhance natural disaster prevention and control to protect people and construction works (20:23 12/07/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee issued Official Letter No. 3095/UBND-DT dated July 9th, requesting relevant agencies, departments, People’s Committees of districts and towns to take measures for natural disaster prevention and control to protect safety of people, houses, and construction works during the rainy season of 2018.

This is the city’s effort to realize instruction of the Ministry of Construction on natural disaster prevention and control to protect safety of the people, houses and construction works in the rainy season of 2018. Accordingly, following actions shall be taken:

- Continuing effort to review urban planning and residential areas before flash floods; determining impact level of the floods and rains in each area, selecting proper resettlement places to keep the people safe; reviewing water drainage planning, checking water drainage system in urban area to guarantee zoning, drainage of flood water and flooding control in the urban area; checking measures to ensure safety of focal infrastructure works and technical infrastructure systems in urban areas, such as technical trenchs, tunnels, transformer stations,  and power poles; trimming the trees for safety of the people and construction works in urban areas;

- Conducting inspections, assessing state of the reservoirs, dams and irrigation works in order to detect problems, fix them promptly, and ensure safety of the works in the rainy and flood season of 2018; conducting information work and popularization, requesting the people to strengthen their houses, especially weak houses; checking the construction works, taking measures to repair and strengthen the ones with sheet metal roof,  plastic ceilings, glass doors and elevated billboards, advertisement billboards, thus ensuring their safety during the rainy season;

- Requesting units managing and dealing with tower-shaped works and Base Transceiver Stations (BTSs) to proactively check, assess, strengthen the works and ensure safety of the works; removing elevated equipment and parts which are unsafe in case of rain and flood, and preparing plan to move households affected by rain and flood to safe places.

For its part, the Ha Noi People’s Committee requests the Municipal Department of Construction to take the responsibility and cooperate with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Department of Industry and Trade, the Department of Transport and Ha Noi Electricity Corporation to study the instructions of the Ministry of Construction, release written instructions timely to guide People’s Committees of districts, suburban districts, and towns as well as relevant units on how to perform their tasks, conduct information work, popularize measures to prevent and control natural disasters in localities, and guide people on how to prevent and respond to storms, floods and how to classify safe houses.

The Department of Construction is in charge of urging relevant agencies and sectors to implement the instruction, summing up the information, and reporting result to the Ha Noi People’s Committee

By Mai Phuong

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