More effort to increase Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) (16:50 19/03/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee issued Plan No. 69/KH-UBND dated March 14 on improving, increasing Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) of Ha Noi in 2018.

The plan is implemented comprehensively at all levels of the government, especially in communes, wards and towns of Ha Noi. It must be carried out together with professional tasks of the city’s agencies and sectors, as well as social, economic tasks of districts, suburban districts, towns, communes and wards.

Accordingly, it focuses on the following issues:
- Increasing information work and popularization among civil servants, officers and people, focusing on following affairs: Ordinance on the Exercise of Democracy incommunes, wards and towns; issues that people have the right to know, discuss, join hands to implement, inspect and supervise the implementation; and responsibilities of the governments, relevant officers and civil servants at commune level, agencies, organizations and individuals as well as the people in realizing democracy in the communes, wards and towns
- People’s Committees of districts, towns, communes and wards increase popularization among the people, focusing on the issues that the government must publicize to people, issues that people can discuss and make decision, issues that people can give their feedbacks before competent authorities make decision, and issues that people have the right to supervise
- Publicizing the list of poor households at office of People’s Committees at commune levels, common places of villages, hamlets, residential groups and residential areas, and follow regulation on time and place; timely publicize social welfare policies for the poor, so that the people can grasp the information, raise their voice and supervise implementation of the policies
- Comply with regulations on publicity and transparency of budget revenues and expenses of commune level; publicize the list of revenues and expenditures, so that the people can be informed and supervise the revenues and expenditures. It must be announced clearly with detailed information, and be convenient and assessable to the people
- Announcing land use planning and plan, land price; announcing investment plans of projects in the area, and result after settling cases through supervision in residential areas; announcing land use planning and plan of the area annually according to regulations, following regulation on announcement method, timeline and place
- Raising the responsibility of governments at all levels for explaining their performance to the people; conducting the tasks of citizen reception; increasing effort to settle petitions, complaints and denunciations of the people effectively
- Increasing administration reform, inproving quality of services in administrative and public service agencies; implementing the One Stop Shop and inter-level One Stop Shop mechanism effectively when processing administrative procedures; increasing discipline among civil servants and officers; paying special attention to prevent and control corruption as well as harassment in the field of health care and education
- Increasing application of information and technology to process administrative procedures for people and organizations, increasing the number of public services at level 3 and level 4 processed on the internet.

By Mai Phuong

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