Soc Son suburban district to increase effort to realize 11 key tasks of 2018 (16:49 19/03/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee issued Announcement No. 229/TB-UBND dated March 12, 2018, stating conclusion of the Chairman of Municipal People’s Committee at working session with leaders of Soc Son suburban district.

Accordingly, the Chairman of the Municipal People’s Committee asks Soc Son leaders to focus on the following key tasks:

- Strictly follow instruction of the Central, the Government, the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal People’s Council and the Municipal People’s Committee, take comprehensive measures to fulfill socio-economic development tasks for 2018; ease difficulties, help enterprises overcome shortcomings and problems; save expenses; effectively implement Action Program No. 34/CTr-UBND dated January 28, 2018 of the Municipal People’s Committee;
- Cooperate with the Department of Information and Communications to launch 100% of public services at level 3 and level 4 in the suburban districts and communes by the end of 2018; review, and simplify administrative procedures and processes, create favorable conditions for enterprises in the suburban district; cooperate with the Department of Home Affairs and Organizing Bard of the Municipal Party Committee to continue reviewing work positions in units in the fields of health care, education, culture and sports;
- Closely cooperate with agencies, and realize instruction on maintaining security and order as well as national defense according to instruction of the Ha Noi Police Department and Command of the Capital, especially safety and security of national defense works, airports and venues of political, cultural and festivals in the suburban district;
- Cooperate with the Department of Health to sum up implementation of family doctor model and screening program for early detection of rectal cancer, and report result to the Municipal People’s Committee by April 15; based on the result, Ha Noi will learn experience and apply them further in the city;
- Strive to meet the standard of new-style rural area by the end of 2019, namely supply clean water to all people in rural area by the end of 2019/ second quarter of 2020, solve the problems of environmental pollution, and fulfill the task of maintaining food safety and hygiene, and prevent and control disease;
- Assign the Soc Son suburban district People’s Committee to speed up progress of the projects approved by Municipal People’s Committee, such as Nam Son Waste Treatment Complex and infrastructure of extended area of the complex, roads and infrastructure connecting industrial zones, and Vo Nguyen Giap Street; request the Authority of Plan and Investment to allocate capital sources and report to the Municipal People’s Committee by March 25, so that the latter will consider the use of revenue surpluses of 2016 and 2017 to supplement capitals of these projects and disburse them according to project schedule;
- Cooperate with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to closely manage specialized Soc Son forest; assign the management board of Ha Noi specialized protection forest in cooperate with Soc Son suburban district to plant 67 hectares of forest, and consider using part of forest plantation land for planting urban trees;
- Collaborate with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Health, Department of Construction, Department of Finance, Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs to submit policy on supporting people in the area affected by Nam Son Waste Treatment Complex to the Municipal People’s Council, so that the latter will consider and approve it at the July meeting session;
- Pay attention to land clearance in the suburban district; ask the city to consider and mobilize more land clearance officers to Soc Son, if the district is lack of officers;
- Check, double-check the construction and renovation of schools in the area as following: if the school is overloaded and it still has space or meets requirement, it can be renovated and extended; if projects on building schools are already included in public investment plan, dossiers shall be completed soon and submitted to the Municipal People’s Committee to ask for approval; for remote areas or areas in difficult circumstances, state budget shall be used to build the schools; for central areas around the town, investment of the private sector shall be mobilized for school construction;
- Cooperate with the Department of Transport and units of Ministry of Transport to check all routes invested by the Ministry, the city and the suburban district; suggest the routes in the district which should be connected with national roads, and report to the Municipal People’s Committee in March of 2018.

The Municipal People’s Committee acknowledges proposals of the suburban district, and assigns city’s authorities, agencies and sectors to study the district’s proposals on policy and mechanism, then report to the Municipal People’s Committee for further consideration.

By Mai Phuong

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