Increase effort to perform financial tasks in the last months of 2017 (20:27 19/10/2017)

HNP - According to Public Telegraph 5056/UB-KT dated October 16, the Municipal People’s Committee urges more effort to take measures and perform financial tasks in the last months of 2017.

Accordingly, city’s agencies at all levels and sectors of Ha Noi closely cooperate with tax and customs agencies to increase revenue management, prevent loss of revenues, and fight smuggling and commercial fraud; handle and collect tax debts, thus reducing the debt to below 5% in comparison to state budget revenue of 2017; strive to reach beyond target of 2017 state budget revenue, and have resources for expenses according to cost estimates and handle arising tasks.
Financial agencies at all levels perform following tasks:

- Cooperate with relevant units to act as advisor to the Municipal People’s Committee and People’s Committees of districts and towns in managing state budget expenses closely, efficiently according to regulation; review social welfare policies, especially expenditure for people, thus paying expenses according to regulation;

- Proactively allocate and balance local budget, pay state budget expenditures according to estimates, capacity to collect state budget and process of revenue resources in association with cost estimates for development, and proactively allocate resources to implement policies and processes;

- Manage and use local budget to overcome consequences of natural disasters, flood, storms and diseases, and to perform important urgent tasks according to regulation of Law on State Budget and Directive 10/CT-UBND dated June 26, 2017 of the Municipal People’s Committee. If local budget revenue does not reach target, the agencies cooperate with authorities at all levels and sectors to act as advisor to the Municipal People’s Committee, People’s Committees of districts and towns to make plans on using legitimate financial resources to balance the local budget, and implement policies on people, social welfares and poverty reduction. When encountering problem or budget deficit during the process of state budget management, the agencies must report to Municipal People’s Committee for further consideration.

The Department of Finance in cooperation with Authority of Plan and Investment and relevant agencies act as advisor to the Municipal People’s Committee to implement the project on restructuring state-owned enterprises in the 2016-2020 period, speed up progress of equitization and divestment, take measures to help enterprises reduce the input cost according to the Government’s instruction, increase work efficiency of the enterprises.

The Authority of Plan and Investment in coordination with relevant agencies and departments promptly take measures to speed up implementation and disbursement process, and use public investment capitals more efficiently according to Resolution 70/NQ-CP dated August 3, 2017 of the Government on major missions and measures to accelerate public investment capital implementation and disbursement.

City’s departments, agencies, districts and towns speed up the progress of autonomous financing mechanism and roadmap on calculating prices of online public services pursuant to Decree 16/2015/ND-CP dated February 14, 2015 of the Government and plan of Ha Noi. They also review planning of public service delivery units, amend and supplement economic, technical norms in different fields as basis to release the prices of online public services, gradually change the way of support for public service delivery units and reduce assistance from state budget.

By Mai Phuong

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