Hanoi focuses on containing dengue fever outbreaks (18:09 07/11/2022)

HNP - On November 3, the Hanoi People's Committee issued Directive No. 20/CT-UBND on strengthening measures to prevent and control dengue fever in Hanoi.  

The directive states that people's lives and health must come first and foremost, making them the focus and object of epidemic prevention and control.The authorities are expected to be proactive, drastic and focus on managing the outbreak so as not to spread the disease; to thoroughly prevent and control dengue fever in the city, minimizing the number of cases and death of patients.
Implementation principle: Improve discipline and accountability of heads of units and agencies; assign specific tasks and responsibilities to those in charge; mobilize the participation of Party committees, authorities, organizations, associations, mass organizations and the public to participate in the prevention and control of dengue fever.

The general objective: to prevent outbreak of epidemics; any agency or locality that sees an outbreak of the disease due to subjective causes must report to the City People's Committee.
The directive also assigns specific tasks to departments, divisions and branches; People's Committees of districts, towns of the City are requested to strengthen measures to prevent and control dengue. In which, the chairpersons of the People's Committees of districts, villages and wards are fully responsible for the prevention and control of dengue fever in the area under their management. A weekly environmental sanitation campaign to kill larvae must be held, especially in areas with outbreaks; ensure that all areas and households in the epidemic and at-risk areas are inspected and supervised. Water containers and tanks,  waste dumps and breeding places of mosquitoes must be monitored to carry out forms of killing larvae according to the guidance of the Health sector; reviewing and continuing to implement the local dengue fever prevention and control project in the spirit of "4 on the spot"; proactively arrange funding, materials, equipment, chemicals to serve the prevention and control of dengue in the locality with local resources. In case the local funding cannot be arranged, the authorities should report to the Department of Finance to find solutions to remove and report to the City People's Committee.

The Hanoi Department of Health is requested to strengthen epidemiological surveillance of dengue hemorrhagic fever, complete case statistics and implement proactive measures to prevent and control epidemics, and thoroughly manage and prevent outbreaks.
The Hanoi Department of Information and Communications will take the lead responsibility and proactively coordinate with the Hanoi Department of Health and media agencies in deploying appropriate propaganda activities to make people understand the risks and dangers of dengue and actively respond to disease prevention measures for individuals and communities.
Hanoi Department of Education and Training, Hanoi Department of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs in collaboration with Hanoi Department of Information and Communications, Hanoi Department of Health and related units deploy communication activities on prevention, dengue hemorrhagic fever in educational institutions, training institutions....
The Hanoi Department of Construction directs investors in construction projects in the city to ensure good hygiene at construction sites and in workers' accommodations and activities.
The Capital Command and the Hanoi Department of Public Security direct sector units to be ready to coordinate and support dengue prevention and control in localities, especially coordination and support activities.
The Hanoi Department of Finance will take the lead responsibility and coordinate with the Hanoi Department of Health in reporting and advising the Hanoi People's Committee on financial work, ensuring timely and adequate funding for dengue prevention and control.
The Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade runs industrial clusters, production and business establishments, and wholesale markets under its management to ensure good hygiene in places of business, production and accommodation.

By Hai Nam

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