City to summarize 10 years of increasing leadership and instruction for drug prevention and control in the new context (21:29 18/07/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi Party Committee issues Plan No. 97-KH/TU dated July 16 on summarizing 10 years of implementing Directive No. 21-CT/TW dated March 26, 2008 of the 10th Politburo on further increasing leadership and instruction for drug prevention and control in the new context.

Accordingly, the summarization focuses on following issues:

- Assessing leadership, instruction, popularization and implementation of Directive No.  21-CT/TW and Conclusion No. 95-KL/TVV and Directive No.  29-CT/TU; popularization of the directives; construction and issuance of the written instructions, programs and plans to implement Directive No. 21-CT/TW, Conclusion No. 95-KL/TW and Directive No. 29-CT/TU in localities and units; method to maintain and guarantee the regular leadership of Party units at all levels; inspection and activities of Party units to urge implementation of subordinate units, as well as activities of units at grassroots level to urge effort of each Party member; assessing the role and responsibilities of Party members and Party units, as well as measures of leadership and instruction over the past 10 years; implementation of popularization work and contents, as well as information work and education of drug prevention and control among the people from all walks of life, in particular the youth; progresses in improving awareness of Party units, governments, Fatherland Front Committee and social, political organizations, civil servants as well as Party members in terms of drug prevention and control;

- Assessing outcome after implementing Directive No. 21-CT/TW and Conclusion No. 95-KL/TVV and Directive No. 29-CT/TU: according to the contents of directives and assigned tasks, Party committees at all levels shall assess, review performance in the field of drug prevention and control of localities and units, focusing on following issues: building and completing legal documents, documents on state management in terms of drug prevention and control; result of the fight against drug-related crimes; strengthening the drug prevention and control forces and the apparatus; completing policies and mechanisms for drug prevention and control; budget of the localities and units; equipment and financing for specialized forces; policies and mechanisms for responsible officers and people performing the task without receiving wages from state budget; policies and incentives to support drug addicts during drug rehabilitation process, and creating jobs for those who complete drug rehab; calling for investment of the private sector, mobilizing resources from Vietnamese and foreign organizations and individuals for drug prevention and control; effectiveness of management of drug addicts and drug rehab; effectiveness of drug prevention and control at grassroots level; scientific research and cooperation relations with cities and provinces as well as countries and international organizations in the field of  drug prevention and control;

- Assessing shortcomings, problems, analyzing reasons of the advantages and disadvantages; pointing out responsibilities of each sector and unit, as well as experiences in leadership, organization and implementation of the directives; setting key tasks and measures to continue the leadership and the fight against drugs in the future; submitting proposals and requests to the Central Government and city in order to reduce difficulties and shortcomings during the implementation process; detecting new factors and modern models for further application; honoring individuals and collectives with excellent performance.

By Mai Phuong

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