Hanoi implements measures for sustainable production and consumption activities (15:39 17/11/2022)

HNP - On November 11, the Hanoi People's Committee issued Plan No. 293/KH-UBND on the implementation of the National Action Program on Sustainable Production and Consumption in 2023 in Hanoi.  

According to the plan, the city will implement synchronously sustainable production and consumption activities; develop the circular economy, promote domestic production and consumption, create a high-end sustainable network development environment, apply technology with high knowledge content, import and export activities, create jobs stability and "green" jobs, promoting sustainable lifestyles, improving quality of life.

The city will support businesses and consumers to apply innovative solutions, methods, and applications  in production, business, and sustainable linkages to effectively use resources, fuel and raw materials, reduce waste generation, promote circular economy and sustainable development; create a favorable environment to connect investment and business in products and services between potential enterprises of Hanoi and an international supply chain network of products and services; promoting sustainable production and consumption in the direction of product life cycle approach, promoting linkages in all stages from exploitation of resources, fuel and raw materials to production, distribution, consumption and disposal; focus on repair, maintenance, reuse and recycling in all stages of the product life cycle; attach importance to innovation, creativity, application of environmentally friendly technologies, improvement of equipment and management processes in order to improve and enhance the position and competitiveness of environmentally friendly enterprises.

Along with that, Hanoi would raise awareness and strengthen social responsibility of communities, businesses, organizations and individuals for sustainable production and consumption (from production, circulation, distribution, consumption, recycling use); mobilize the participation and contributions of all sectors of society, in which businesses and consumers play a central role.

The city strives by the end of 2023, to achieve the following targets: Reduce by 3-4% the consumption of raw materials and materials of manufacturing industries, specifically textiles, alcohol, beer, beverage, steel and plastic. The percentage of districts, towns that organize propaganda to raise awareness about sustainable lifestyles and consumption is 70%; people of 80% of industrial zones and clusters and 50% of craft villages will receive communcation, raising awareness about sustainable production and consumption.

The city continues to strive so that 100% of the traditional markets do not use non-degradable plastic bags; switch to using environmentally friendly packaging products to gradually replace disposable plastic packaging products; build and promote the development of a sustainable supply chain; encourage the distribution of products that respect the environment, labeled with ecological labels in supermarkets and shopping centers; promote the integration of content on sustainable production and consumption in training and teaching programs at all levels.

By Hai Nam

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