Hanoi issues commune-level PAR index framework (17:42 30/08/2022)

HNP - The Hanoi People's Committee has issued Decision No. 2940/QD-UBND on the launch of an index framework for assessing the results of public administrative reform (PAR) at the People's Committees of communes, wards and townships of Hanoi.  

According to the plan, the PAR index framework at commune level is structured into 7 evaluation contents, including: directing and administration; organization of the implementation of legal documents; administrative procedures and implementation of the "one-stop-shop" mechanism; the quality of state apparatus operation; financial management; administrative modernization; impact on economic and social development.

The PAR index at commune level is assessed through self-scoring and  sociological survey. In which, sociological investigation is encouraged, but not required. The result of the index is determined by the sum of the appraisal score and the sociological survey score, converted to a 100-point scale. In the absence of a sociological survey, the self-scoring evaluation result is the index result, converted to a 100-point scale.

Based on the maximum score of each criteria in the PAR index at the commune level, the district-level People's Committee shall determine the maximum score of each component criterion.

For assessment through sociological survey, sociological survey score is recommended. Depending on the conditions and resources of the unit, the district-level People's Committee shall develop an appropriate method plan and scale.

By Hai Nam

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