Hanoi aims to end AIDS epidemic by 2030 (16:32 26/07/2022)

HNP - On July 19, the Hanoi People's Committee issued plan No. 199/KH-UBND on ensuring sufficient financial resources for the implementation of the National Strategy to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030 in Hanoi.  

The plan identifies an overall goal that is to secure a sustainable financial source for the successful implementation of the goals of wiping out the AIDS epidemic by 2030 in Hanoi. Specific objectives include: mobilizing international aid sources at a rate of at least 20% of the total budget for HIV/AIDS prevention and control activities annually until 2030; securing financial support of  at least 80% of enterprises to carry out HIV/AIDS prevention and control activities at enterprises according to the state's mechanisms and policies by 2030.

Every year, in addition to mobilized resources, the city budget will allocate funds to ensure HIV/AIDS prevention and control activities according to the plans of the central government and the city, while ensuring 100% of people living with HIV would have health insurance cards.

In order to secure resources to implement the above goals, the Hanoi People's Committee has put in place a series of measures. At the same time, the Department of Health is responsible for monitoring and supervising the implementation process. In addition, the city would perfect legal framework for the operation of HIV/AIDS outpatient clinics in accordance with the actual conditions of the health insurance agency.

The People's Committee also assigned the Department of Health to guide the People's Committees of districts, towns and the city's Centers for Disease Control to develop scheme to mobilize funds for local HIV/AIDS prevention and control activities in accordance to this plan; set up a system to monitor, supervise, evaluate and inspect the implementation of plans by departments, divisions, branches, socio-political organizations and districts.

In the 2016-2020 period, the city's total funding for the above task is VND272 billion, including: over VND15 billion from the central budget; VND99 billion from city budget; service fee revenue of VND45 billion; and foreign aid of VND112 billion.

In general, sufficient funding allocation from the central and municipal budgets as well as aid sources have had a  positive  impact on better controlling and limiting the spread of the HIV/AIDS epidemic compared to the years before 2008.

By Hai Nam

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