Hanoi promotes use of security cameras across the city (19:33 12/07/2022)

HNP - On July 6, the Hanoi People's Committee issued Official Letter No. 2156/UBND-NC on replicating the "security camera" model in Hanoi.  

Accordingly, in order to ensure political security, maintain social order and safety, successfully implement the criteria of security and order in building urban civilization standards in wards, districts and townships; communes and districts that meet the standards of new-style areas, the People's Committees of districts and towns are required to focus on directing the replication of the "security camera" model in wards, communes and towns. At the same time, the city would call for the public to work on the model; study, propose, set aside  budget allocation to deploy surveillance security camera systems at main traffic routes, residential areas, and key areas with complex security and order issues.

Along with promulgating regulations on management, exploitation and use of "security cameras", the People's Committees of districts and towns would launch training and guiding courses with the assistance of police force; promote the use of CCTV cameras to fight crimes,  ensure security and order,  prevent and combat crime and law violations in the locality. Hanoi would direct and organize the extensive and effective implementation of the Party's guidelines and guidelines, the State's policies and laws, and the direction of the Ministry of Public Security on the construction of the crime prevention movement. In this context, the replication of "Security Camera" model in particular would contribute to the maintenance of security and order at the grassroots levels.

According to the City People's Committee, up to now, the whole city has built and deployed the "security camera" model in 121 wards, communes and townships of 30 districts. Through reviewing and evaluating the implementation of units and localities, it was found that the "Security Camera" model is an effective solution to improve the efficiency of state management of security and order, eventually contribute to the fight against crime.

The camera system is an "ear-eye", an "extended arm", helping the police force to manage and monitor the area well, investigate and discover quickly and promptly cases that violate the law. From the recorded images, it helps the police force to collect content and developments of cases as a basis to conduct effective verification, investigation and handling of crimes and violations of the law, contributing to stabilizing the political security situation, social order and safety of the city.

In particular, in some areas, the deployment of CCTV camera systems has had a good effect in deterring and preventing those who intend to commit crimes, some types of crimes such as: robbery, property theft tends to decrease. In addition, the security camera system has helped the police force quickly extract images, track down criminals, promptly investigate and quickly discover many cases of crimes.

By Hai Nam

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