Hanoi promotes online public services (19:08 24/06/2022)

HNP - The Hanoi People’s Committee, on June 14, issued plan No.166/KH-UBND on IT application in the operation of state apparatus, promoting e-government toward digital government and ensuring information security in the city.  

Under the plan, Hanoi expects to have 100% of  administrative procedures being processed online at the advanced stage four.

In addition, 30% of the online public services would be redesigned to optimize users’ experience, with some fields being automatically filled with data provided by users from the previous session under customer’s agreement.

The plan also expects data from 30% of people and businesses using online public services being integrated in systems of the Government at all levels; 80% of public services being processed at stage 3 and 4; 90% of businesses and people are satisfied with the performance of public administration units.

The Hanoi authorities also set the target of 100% of public servants to have e-identification during their performance; 50% of state agencies providing database for the development of digital  government, society and economy; 30% of the authorities’ decision-making process is  conducted on a single governance platform.

Hanoi expects to cut time for meeting and the use of paper-based document by 50% at meetings of the municipal People’s Committee and 40% of those in the district- and ward levels; 50% of the periodical reports from administrative units; and 50% of periodical reports set to be integrated in the national report system.

The city set out six measures to achieve these goals, including the finalization of legal framework and digital infrastructure; database expansion; services and mobile apps development as well as data protection. Among these priorities, the development of services and apps are divided into two fields: to serve the people and businesses; and to support internal operation.

By Hai Nam

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