Strengthening communication on the 90th anniversary of Soviet Nghe Tinh upraising (21:45 08/09/2020)

HNP - Hanoi Party Committee’s Commission for Education and Communications released guiding document No. 123-HD/BTGTU on August 31 on strengthening communication on the  90th anniversary of the Soviet-Nghe Tinh revolutionary movement against French colonialism (September 12, 1930 - 2020).

Accordingly, the communication work focus on highlighting the Soviet Nghe Tinh as the first revolutionary movement of workers and peasants led by the Communist Party of Vietnam, and affirming the Party’s sound revolutionary guidelines and the leadership  of Nguyen Ai Quoc (a pseudonym of Ho Chi Minh). 
It is necessary to emphasize the historical significance and value of the 1930-1931 revolutionary climax, and honor those who made contributions and sacrificed themselves for the revolutionary movement of 1930-1931, with its height of the Soviet Nghe Tinh upraising.
The city’s Commission for Education and Communications underscored the importance to promote the movement’s experience in the cause of renovation, industrialization, modernization and international integration, and disseminate contributions made by Hanoi to the Soviet Nghe Tinh movement and the Vietnamese revolution's history in the period of 1930-31.
Under the document, local media outlets are instructed to disseminate events welcoming the municipal Party Committee’s 17th congress and the 13th National Party Congress, while fighting against false arguments of hostile forces. 

By Tran Huong



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