Hanoi to launch National Micronutrient Day 2020 (15:29 23/05/2020)

HNP - Hanoi People’s Committee issued document No.1864/UBND-KGVX on May 19, requesting the entire political system to implement the National Micronutrient Day 2020. 

Under the instruction of the Ministry of Health to administer Vitamin A and deworm children in phase 1 in 2020, along with other activities under the National Micronutrient Day 2020 in Hanoi, the municipal People’s Committee requested the Department of Health to carry out the “National Micronutrient day” 2020 with sufficient Vitamin A tablets for children. 
The municipal People’s Committee requested departments, units and organizations to supervise the campaign “National Micronutrient Day” at districts, wards and communes. 
The Department of Information and Communications is tasked with cooperating with media agencies to raise the public awareness regarding the National Micronutrient Day so that they understand and apply measures to prevent the lack of nutrition. 
The Department of Finance to provide sufficient funds for the National Micronutrient Day and supervise the implementation of the campaign. 
People’s Committees at various levels are responsible for organizing the National Micronutrient Day in each locality; supervise  the implementation of the campaign; promote the campaign among the community to ensure reasonable nutrition regime for children; provide sufficient funds for local authorities in implementing the National Micronutrient Day. 
Hanoi People’s Committee requested the Central committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front and other organizations to actively promote the National Micronutrient Day and supervise the implementation of the campaign at districts, wards and communes. 

By Ngoc Lam



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