Hanoi steps up efforts to prevent drug abuse (16:09 12/02/2020)

HNP - Hanoi Party Committee has instructed Directive No.30-CT/TU on enhancing efficiency in efforts of preventing and controlling the use of drugs. 

Following Directive, Hanoi Party Committee requested all departments and units to set up drastic measures in an effort against drugs, considering such move a long-term priority of the political system and the public. 
Every year, party committee at each level is requested to set up plan and review the efficiency in of the efforts in preventing and controlling the use of drugs in local area. The efficiency of the process would be used an indicator to evaluate the performance of party committee; review the responsibility of leaders at each department, unit and area with complicated issue on drugs; enhance the monitoring process of party committee and the responsibility of leaders in state management towards the prevention and controlling of drugs. 
Hanoi Party committee requested the police to play the key role in the efforts against the use of drugs, enhancing efficiency in addressing issues related to drugs; boosting cooperation among various agencies in suppressing crimes related to drugs; stepping up the fights against organized  crimes and those   producing , selling and smuggling drugs; especially cross-border crimes; speeding up process of investigation and trial for cases related to drugs. 
The Committee expected greater efficiency in state management in  the operation of conditional businesses with potential risks to security and public order, such as bar, karaoke, or nightclub, among others. 
The authority is tasked with evaluating comprehensively the process of rehabilitation in the city for proper adjustment, focusing resources to methods of rehabilitation with high efficiency and encouraging political-social organizations, enterprises and individual to support the process of drug rehabilitation, vocational training and creating jobs for rehabilitated drug users. 
Enhancing the cooperation between drug rehabilitation centers in Hanoi with related agencies and provinces/cities in receiving and treating drug users; diversifying treatment methods; expanding the model of rehabilitation  and consulting services supporting drug users; conducting survey to accurately evaluate the number of drug users to prevent the increase in number of new cases of drug users. 

By Ngoc Lam

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