Increasing effort for information work on natural disaster prevention and control, search and rescue in 2019 (22:24 17/05/2019)

HNP - The Hanoi Party Committee’s Commission of Communication and Education issued Guidance No. 79-HD/BTGTU dated May 13 on information work on natural disaster prevention and control, search and rescue in 2019.

According to the document, city’s authorities at all levels shall take following actions:

- Disseminate written instructions on natural disaster prevention and control, increase communication on   policy and instruction on natural disaster prevention and control, proactively prevent, control and respond to the natural disasters; overcome consequences of natural disasters in all cases; spread out plan and program to prevent and control flood and storm, reduce effect of natural disasters, search and rescue; pay special attention to information work of key places on dykes to the people;
- Educate the people on  types of natural disasters, increase basic knowledge and spread experience in the field of flooding, storm prevention and control, as well as features and unusual changes of the rain, storm and flood; call for participation of the people, and guide them on how to be prepared and proactively respond to torrential rain, storm and flood, and reduce effect of the natural disasters according to the Four On-site Motto; organize training , implement plans to ensure that incidents caused by flood and storm are handled as soon as they occur;
- Popularize responsibilities of local governments of districts, suburban districts, communes, wards and towns in dyke management and protection;
- Conduct information work, while detecting, preventing violations of the Law on Dykes, the Ordinance on Flood and Storm Prevention and Control, Ordinance on Exploitation and Protection of Irrigation Works, and take drastic measures to handle them as soon as they are detected; pay special attention to the areas and agencies on riverside;
- Recognize the localities, units, collectives and individuals which have excellent performance in popularization, dyke protection, infrastructure development for natural disaster prevention and control, flood and storm response, and share their experiences for further application; rebuke localities, units, collectives and individuals that have low performance in  natural disaster, flood and storm prevention and control;

The communication is conducted through meetings of Party organizations, unions, residential areas, villages, hamlets, agencies, enterprises and schools. It focuses on improving sense of responsibility of the community, practical and concrete measures to fulfill the task of flood, storm natural disaster prevention and control at the grass root level.

Reporters and officers in charge of popularization, call on people to prepare for natural disaster prevention and control and take part in natural disaster prevention, control and reduction in the localities. They are also in charge of conducting popularization through mass media, such as newspaper, radios, newsletters, along with panels and posters at key places.

By Mai Phuong



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