Strengthening urban order and civilization (05:48 10/05/2019)

HNP – The Hanoi People’s Committee on May 6 issued Official Letter No. 1781/UBND-DT on executing Directive No. 08-CT/TU dated May 26, 2016 of the Municipal Party Committee on enhancing the leadership and direction in ensuring urban order and civilization in the city.

To promptly remove shortcomings and existing limitations as well as make positive changes in urban order and civilization in the city, the Municipal People’s Committee requested departments, sectors, agencies and district/township People’s Committees to continue carrying out Plan No. 143/KH-UBND dated July 27, 2016 of the Municipal People’s Committee on strengthening the leadership and direction in fulfilling the task of ensuring urban order and civilization in the city. 
It is necessary to promote the communication among levels, sectors, localities and people under diversified ways to raise their awareness on urban order and civilization in the city. 
The Municipal People’s Committee underlined the need to continue realizing Directive No. 08-CT/TU and other relevant directives, resolutions and plans of the Central level, the Party Committee, the People’s Council and the People’s Committee of Hanoi to drastically and effectively implement set missions; make more effort to fulfill all goals and targets, contributing to building a bright, green, clean, beautiful, modern and civilized city. 
The Department of Construction is assigned to speed up projects on waste treatment plants in industrial clusters and infrastructure development; study more appropriate arrangement of waste collection sites; and maintain 100% domestic waste collection in the city. 
The Department of Transport is responsible for accelerating the construction of key road projects to reduce traffic congestion in downtown districts; and tightening the management of transportation of building materials through the city. 
The Department of Natural Resources and Environment is in charge of taking more actions to reduce environmental pollution; strictly managing waste water discharging sources into lakes; speeding up the implementation of projects on treating water pollution in To Lich, Tich, Nhue and Day rivers; improving the efficiency of land management, issuance of land use right certificates; and accelerating the building of land management database to ensure uniformity in the management.

By Tran Huong



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