Enhancing the Party’s leadership and the State’s responsibility in consumer right protection (05:29 08/05/2019)

HNP - The Hanoi Party Committee issued Plan No. 136-KH/TU dated May 2, 2019 on carrying out Directive No. 30-CT/TW released on January 20, 2019 of the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee, which focuses on strengthening  leadership of the Party and responsibility for management of the State in the field of consumer right protection.

According to the plan, the capital city will perform six tasks in order to realize Directive No. 30-CT/TW dated January 20, 2019, focusing on following issues:
- Enhancing leadership of the Party cells and Party organizations at all levels, promote the role as pioneer and supervisor of the Party cells and Party members in the field of consumer right protection;
- Taking more action to stop the irresponsibility, insensitiveness and lack of drastic measures among authorities and units at all levels in charge; building mechanism for close and comprehensive cooperation among the authorities, organizations, levels and sectors in the field of consumer right protection, especially clear, detail assignment for each sector and level to protect consumer rights;
- Develop criteria to assess outcome of consumer right protection activities in Hanoi, and consider consumer right protection as one of the criteria to assess performance of individuals, organizations and leaders of Party cells, Party organizations as well as state authorities annually; strictly give instruction to assess performance in periodical and thematic meetings of the Party units and organizations; take drastic measures to handle officers and Party members who  fail to fulfill their missions or targets;
- Complete the legal framework, organize a specialized apparatus, improve capacity of law enforcement, and maintain efficiency and effectiveness of state management in the field of consumer right protection; enhance communication work and education  of law and policy on consumer right protection; increase inspection, examination and supervision, handle violation and support consumers; boost the involvement of private sector, and promote the role and responsibility of organizations and individuals dealing with goods, service manufacturing and trading, as well as social organizations in the field of consumer right protection;
- Proactively take action for international integration and cooperation in terms of consumer right protection in ASEAN and worldwide.

The Party Committee of Hanoi requests all Party units, official sections of the Party, Party organizations, Party committees of districts and towns, and subordinate Party committees under the municipal Party Committee to study the document, spread it widely and thoroughly among their staffs, Party members and people from all walks of life, and put it into practice. Outcome of the plan and program is the basis to review and assess annual performance of the Party cells, governments, authorities, administrative bodies and their leaders.

The Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Hanoi and other unions and associations prepare their own plans and programs to join hands and enhance their activities in the field of consumer right protection; call on the people and their members to comply with  regulations on consumer right protection, and cooperate with city's authorities to supervise implementation of the regulations.

By Mai Phuong



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