City’s effort to ensure a happy Lunar New Year for the people (22:05 29/01/2019)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Council issued Announcement No. 1658-TB/TU dated January 23,  2019, indicating conclusion of the first quarter online conference between Executive Commissions of Municipal Party Committee, Municipal People’s Council and Municipal People’s Committee with leaders of districts and towns on implementing the plan to ensure a happy Lunar New Year holiday for the people.

According to the announcement, the Municipal Party Committee, People’s Council and People’s Committee requests city’s authorities and related bodies to enhance their activities, focusing on following key tasks:

- Strictly follow instruction of the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee, Prime Minister as well as guide of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal People’s Committee; realize policies to ensure social welfares; visit families under preferential treatment policies, national devotees, poor people, laborers in difficult circumstances, people affected by natural disasters, storms and flooding, and offer them gifts on the occasion of upcoming Lunar New Year; visit organizations and individuals with excellent performance, social protection centers, and workers in industrial zones of Ha Noi;

- Visit and encourage families of Ha Noi’s soldiers who are on duty in border areas, Spratly Islands and the DK1 rigs; visit the officers of armed forces who are on duty during the Lunar New Year holiday.

The Ha Noi Police Department proactively prepares its own plan, and cooperates with Command of the Capital to take following actions:

- Prepare plan, ensure political security, safety and order in the city before, during and after the Lunar New Year holiday, especially security and order in key areas, city centers, venues of cultural, artistic events and festivals, recreational areas, crowded places, as well as visits of Party leaders and State officials during the holiday;

- Take drastic measures to fight the crimes; patrol regularly to tighten control and fight crimes, social problems, legal violations, theft, robbery, trading, storage and use of drugs and explosive material, as well as any form of gambling; take measure to ensure safety and security of tourists, especially foreign tourists; prevent pickpocketing and robbery;

- Increase effort to prevent and control fire and explosion, and mobilize forces to prevent and control illegal racing during the holiday; proactively carry out the plan on traffic arrangement and reduce traffic jam, especially at the gateways to Ha Noi.

The Ha Noi Party Committee’s Commission of Propaganda and Education and Department of Information and Communications request city’s press agencies to increase popularization and information work, focusing on the Lunar New Year 2019 and 89th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Viet Nam. For their part, districts and towns shall proactively prepare information work for the events, and create a festive, happy atmosphere among the people; increase popularization and information work and publish more articles, featuring people’s sense when joining cultural activities and festivals, traffic safety, food safety, bad effect of drinking alcohols during the holiday. It is expected to create consensus among the people, and encourage them to enjoy a Lunar New Year festival safely and healthily.
The Department of Culture and Sports closely cooperates with related agencies to build and implement the plan of street decoration, visual popularization and festival management; organize cultural and artistic activities, as well as sport and music performances for the people.

The Command of the Capital in coordination with the Department of Culture and Sports are in charge of firework performance at the Lunar New Year’s Eve, and ensure safety at the venues.

The Department of Industry and Trade is responsible for reviewing, assessing consumption demand of the people during the Lunar New Year holiday; proactively preparing plan to manage and provide goods; ensuring sufficient supply of products during the holiday, and severely punishing violations, for example products of illegal origin, fake products, counterfeits, and goods of low quality.

The Department of Health continues effort, take measures to maintain health care services for the people; realize all regulations and policies as requested for patients who stay in a hospital while under treatment during the Lunar New Year holiday. The preventive medicine system increases supervision and monitoring, and prevents diseases at all levels.

Related agencies and units of Ha Noi cooperate with the People’s Committees of districts, suburban districts and towns to build and implement the plans of water supply, power supply, lighting system, waste collection, street decoration and environment protection before, during and after the Lunar New Year. Special attention is paid to maintaining environmental sanitation and collecting waste at parks, flower gardens, public recreational places, historical sites and festival venues; preventing, and severely punishing violations of parking and food safety.

By Mai Phuong



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