Drastic measures to prevent diseases in animals (22:05 29/01/2019)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee issued Directive No. 01/CT-UBND dated January 22 on increasing instruction and taking drastic measure for animal disease prevention, control in 2019.

The Municipal People’s Committee requests Chairpeople of People’s Committees of districts and towns to continue their instruction, take comprehensive measures for animal disease prevention and control, maintain animal health, food safety and hygiene according to regulation in the Law on Animal Health, Law on Food Safety, as well as documents of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Municipal People’s Committee.

Heads of the People’s Committees of districts and towns will urge implementation, check sense of compliance with law on animal diseases, and take full responsibility for giving instruction and taking measures to prevent, control animal diseases. Animal disease prevention and control is considered one of criteria for emulation and commendation. Irresponsible officials and staff who fail to keep close management in animal disease prevention and control will be punished according to regulation.

Inspection teams will be established, and led by heads of People’s Commitees at all levels. They shall conduct inspection, control trading, transport, slaughter and process of animals and animal products; guide how to take measures for animal disease prevention and control at grassroots level; severely punish violators according to the law.

The  People’s Committees of districts and towns will prepare plans, resources and funding to respond to animal disease outbreak in localities; conduct popularization and information work, encourage people dealing with trading, transport, slaughter and process of animals and animal products to comply with legal regulations, ensure disease safety, hygiene, animal health and food safety; direct People’s Committees at commune level and other local authorities to proactively cooperate with health animal agencies to closely control animals, provide vaccination, and ensure vaccination rate as required; increase supervision, thus detecting animal diseases soon.

The Director of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in cooperation with related agencies and sectors will perform following tasks:

- Give instruction and guide, conduct inspection and urge agencies, organizations and individuals to comply with legal regulations on disease prevention and control, hygiene and food safety; urge specialized agencies under the Department and localities to strictly realize legal regulations on disease prevention, infectious disease prevention and food safety; proactively coordinate with Department of Animal Health and specialized agencies, take measures to supervise diseases, detect diseases outbreak soon and handle it;

- Increase supervision of animal diseases, especially in the areas where dieases occurred previously and areas prone to diseases; detect the diseases soon, and take timely measures to handle them as soon as they are founded;

- Increase management and control over quarantine, as well as control over animal and animal product transport; closely cooperate with related agencies to control, and apply severe punishment for illegal transport and trading of animal and animal products according to legal regulations;

- Prepare vaccines, chemicals and supplies for disease prevention and control; regularly update information and development of the disease or virus, assess the risk of infection, build plan on vaccination, and select proper vaccines for localities;

- Urge specialized authorities to mobilize staff for supervision of the diseases in households, residential areas, villages and hamlets; detect diseases, and submit report timely, thus handle it soon and prevent further spreading of diseases.

By Mai Phuong



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