City to strengthen communication on disease prevention and control in 2019 (16:47 15/01/2019)

HNP - The Ha Noi Party Committee’s Commission for Education and Popularization granted Official Letter No. 1689-CV/BTGTU on January 9th, asking relevant departments, sectors, Commissions for Education and Popularization of districts and towns, Fatherland Front Committees, and collectives to focus on disease prevention and control in 2019.

According to the forecast, in 2019, there might be the risk of a widening disease outbreak, especially dangerous diseases spreading through respiratory and gastrointestinal tract, and those caused by bacteria and insects. In addition, climate change, environmental pollution and people’s low awareness of disease prevention will also be a risk of new epidemics in the area.


To minimize damages caused by diseases, the Ha Noi Party Committee’s Commission for Education and Popularization requested the Department of Health to enhance the popularization of disease prevention and control; direct medical establishments to improve the quality and effectiveness of expanded program on immunization; early detect and handle infections to avoid outbreaks; strengthen environmental sanitation; promote disease prevention in crowded places and festivals; give guidance on preventive measures against diseases; proactively make detail plans on  patients’ emergency and treatment so as to minimize deaths; prepare enough medicines, chemicals, and vehicles to combat outbreaks; cooperate with the Municipal Commission for Education and Popularization to organize press conferences to inform disease situation and preventive measures against epidemics.

The Ha Noi Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is tasked to instruct, closely monitor, early detect diseases in cattle and poultry to timely handle the epidemic; timely give information of diseases to the health sector and relevant departments, sectors to jointly take various solutions to prevent diseases from spreading to people.

The Department of Information and Communications is assigned to direct the city’s press agencies to coordinate with departments, sectors and People’s Committees of districts, towns to promote the popularization of knowledge of disease prevention and control; popularize benefits of vaccination, disease prevention as well as risks so that people can believe in immunization programs.

Commissions for Education and Popularization of districts towns, Party Committees of blocs, Fatherland Front Committees, collectives and organizations will act as advisors in asking Party organizations, local media systems, units to collaborate with the health sector to strengthen the popularization; encourage local residents to positively join in disease prevention and control; ensure safety for expanded immunization programs in localities; launch environmental sanitation campaigns in agencies, public places, and residential areas to ensure clean, beautiful environment to prevent diseases in localities.

By Tran Huong



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