City calls on sectors, unions and people to contribute to law popularization and education (22:14 07/01/2019)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee has recently issued Plan No. 245/KH-UBND on popularization and education of law, conciliation at the grassroots level, and standard of law access in Ha Noi in 2019.

The plan has following purposes:

- Ensure that popularization and education of law is implemented properly in association with other related programs and projects for the right object and area; use the resources efficiently, effectively, and apply information technology in a modern way to improve law popularization and education;

- Combine the law popularization and education, law protection and implementation with the political tasks, socio-economic development missions of Ha Noi as well as the development of national unity; mobilize the participation and coordination of agencies at all levels, sectors, unions and people from all walks lof life in Ha Noi in the process of law popularization and education; exploit and use social resources efficiently; ensure funding for the law popularization and education activities and conciliation at grassroots level, as well as law access standards.

The plan aims at officials, civil servants, officers of the armed forces, people in rural urban and mountainous areas, women, teenagers and young people, enterprises, employers and employees of enterprises, and foreigners residing in Ha Noi.

It focuses on following tasks:

- Increase popularization of legal documents on the rights and obligations of the people and enterprises, which are approved by the 13th and 14th National Assembly, as well as documents guiding implementation of the legal documents; popularize new legal documents which will be approved by the National Assembly in 2019, as well as regulations directly involving the production, business, rights and legitimate benefits of the people and enterprises; popularize information of people’s compliance with new laws and policies to realize Ha Noi’s political tasks and social, economic development missions;

- Further introduce and popularize legal documents, contribute to realizing the city’s tasks for 2019 “Improving efficiency and work performance of the political system”; contribute to prevention and fight against corruption and wastefulness, administrative discipline, administration reform, administrative procedure reform, development of e-government in Ha Noi, online public services, urban order and civilization, environmental hygiene, construction order, food safety and hygiene, fire fighting and prevention, traffic safety and order, social order and safety, cultured lifestyle, crime and social problems prevention and control, reform of justice and judicial activities, implementation of Code of Conduct in Public Places, Code of Conduct for Civil Servants and Employees in State Agencies of Ha Noi, and code of conduct for cyber environment;

- Increase popularization and introduce international treaties to which Viet Nam is a member, international agreements relating to the people and enterprises, and legal documents on improving business and investment environment, competitiveness, consulting and support for enterprises.

By Mai Phuong

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