Ha Noi to enhance publicity, transparency of administrative procedures (10:12 05/01/2019)

HNP – The Ha Noi People’s Committee has recently released Plan No. 244/KH-UBND on monitoring administrative procedures in 2019 in the city.

The plan aims to guarantee the synchronous implementation of missions in administrative procedures control; focus on major missions; ensure the clear and reasonable assignment on basis of units’ functions and missions; clarify responsibility, time, and expected results; mobilize the participation and cooperation of units, individuals and relevant units to improve the quality and efficiency of administrative procedure control.

Accordingly, the plan includes specific contents, as follows: increasing responsibilities of leaders of state administrative bodies in administrative reform with a focus on publicizing and settling administrative procedures for local residents and enterprises; reviewing and simplifying administrative procedures, removing unnecessary documents to reduce the cost of organizations, individuals in carrying out administrative procedures; controlling administrative procedures, and checking the administrative processing  in departments, sectors, agencies, People’s Committees of districts, communes as well as the implementation of one-stop-shop sectors in dealing with administrative procedures.

Reviewing and standardizing administrative procedures at all levels; making sure that all administrative procedures were announced as stipulated by law; tightening the control of administrative procedures in draft decision on announcing administrative procedures submitted to the Municipal People’s Committee Chairman to publish under his authority; enhancing publicity and transparency of administrative procedures; receiving and settling individuals’ and organizations’ recommendations on administrative regulations as regulated by the Government and the Municipal People’s Committee.

Effectively implementing the one-stop-shop mechanism in settling administrative procedures; making plans to synchronously and effectively carry out administrative procedure control missions in 2019.


By Tran Huong



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