More measures for a joyful, safe, and economical Tet (10:13 05/01/2019)

HNP – The Ha Noi People’s Committee granted Directive No. 16/CT-UBND on December 28th, on organizing Lunar New Year Festival (Tet) 2019 in the city.  

Accordingly, the capital city will popularize and carry out Directive No. 34/CT-TTg dated December 28th, 2018 of the Prime Minister on enhancing measures to welcome a joyful, safe and economical Tet , and the Central’s directions on organizing Tet 2019, as follows:

Well implementing policies on ensuring social welfare for poor people, those in difficult circumstances and victims of floods, natural disasters; paying special attention to policy beneficiary families, low-income workers in industrial parks, people in remote and difficult areas; visiting revolutionary veterans, Vietnamese heroic mothers, war invalids and sick soldiers, martyrs’ relatives, and outstanding intellectuals, artists, religious dignitaries, armed forces and units on duty during Tet.

Besides, agencies, units, and localities are tasked to continue popularizing and strictly implementing the management of festivals. The organization of culture and sports events, festivals, summarizing ceremonies must be practical, economical, and suitable for national traditional culture, fine customs of localities and units.

It is strictly forbidden to present Tet gifts to leaders under any ways as well as use capital from the state budget, public vehicles and assets for personal activities during Tet, festivals. Heads and Party members must take the lead in implementing the Party’s regulations and the State’s laws.

Heads of departments, sectors, agencies and Chair-people of People’s Committees of districts, towns are requested to strictly carry out Directive No. 14/CT-UBND dated December 25th, 2018 on measures to prevent the manufacture, transportation, sale, storage and use of firecrackers on Tet 2019 in the area.

It is necessary to proactively grasp the situation, enhance the leadership and direction to maintain political security, social order and safety; take more measures to combat crimes, social evils, and strengthen fire prevention and fighting; strictly handle sale, transportation, storage and use of firecrackers; focus on tightening the management of market to ensure balance of supply - demand for goods and services in an effort to meet consumers’ demand; strictly penalize violations of security, order,  commercial fraud, trade of fake and poor quality products; provide public transport services and ensure smooth traffic for people; effectively carry out preventive healthcare;  and ensure food safety and hygiene, environmental sanitation.

Agencies, units, collectives, and localities will make specific plans on arranging staffs to settle tasks during Tet to ensure businesses’ production and trade as well as people’s daily activities; strengthen the popularization of festivals on mass media as regulated; strictly carry out Plan No. 112-KH/TU dated December 12th, 2018 of the Ha Noi Party Committee on activities to mark Lunar New Year 2019.

Units will continue synchronously and effectively taking solutions right at the start of 2019; making more efforts to fulfill targets of 2019.

People’s Committees of districts and towns will strictly carry out the Directive in localities. Chair-people of district People’s Committees will be responsible to the Municipal People’s Committee Chairman for violations and serious cases relating to manufacture, trade, transportation, storage, and use of firecrackers, drugs, and addictive substances in areas.

By Tran Huong



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