City to increase effort for justice reform (06:49 28/12/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi Steering Committee for Justice Reform under Municipal Party Committee has recently issued Announcement No. 66-TB/TU, stating conclusion of Permanent Vice Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Head of Steering Committee for Justice Reform Ngo Thi Thanh Hang at the steering committee’s meeting.

The announcement urges more effort to further perform justice reform tasks according to Resolution No. 49-NQ/TW of the Politburo and Project No. 06-ĐA/TU of the Municipal Party Committee. Accordingly, city’s authorities at all levels shall perform following tasks:

- Focus on conducting information work, launching popularization and education of laws, and organizing training on legal documents on justice, particularly newly effective laws; proactively take part in the process of developing, completing the system of legal documents;
- Continue effort to improve the rate of verifying and processing criminal report, as well as the rate of crime detection and serious case solving; reach the goal, and even go beyond the target stipulated in Resolution No. 37/2012/QH13 dated November 23, 2012 of the National Assembly; fulfill the tasks of processing  feedback, complaints and denunciations in the field of justice;

- Speed up progress, improve quality of judgment , meet the target of 2019; perform the lawsuit according to legal regulations, avoid sentence of innocent people; minimize the amendment, elimination of judgment or unclear judgment.

The Ha Noi Police Department and Ha Noi People’s Court in collaboration with the People’s Procuracy shall take following actions:

- Conduct inspection and examination, closely control and manage the temporally suspended cases and separated cases; take measure to improve efficiency in investigation and verification in order to limit the suspension and separation of cases; build database to manage cases, especially the temporally suspended or separated cases. If a case if separated without an accused, reconnaissance mission shall be taken for verification and investigation. If a case is  temporally suspended because the accused escape, the authorities shall increase their effort and increase the tracking of crimes;

- Give instruction to conduct conciliation and dialog the People’s Courts in civil and administrative cases. It requires drastic effort of the authorities; the Ha Noi People’s Court therefore shall report result of conciliation and dialog in 16 conciliation centers, as well as problems and difficulties that they are facing to the Ha Noi Steering Committee for Justice Reform.

The Steering Committee for Justice Reform under Municipal Party Committees, Party committees of the justice authorities, legal supporting agencies of the  Municipal People’s Council and the Fatherland Front Committee at all levels shall increase inspection and examination; supervise operation of the justice authorities and legal supporting agencies, ensure compliance with the law, and prevent and stop violations in the field of justice and legal support.

They shall also implement the planning of building headquarters of the Ha Noi justice authorities to 2020, orientation to 2030. People’s Committees at all levels are requested to pay attention, offer financial support for the justice authorities, invest in building the work places according to approval of competent authorities, and hand over land according to requirement of justice reform.

By Mai Phuong



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