City to review environmental criteria in the field of new-style rural area construction (12:32 18/12/2018)

HNP - The Office of Ha Noi People’s Committee issued Official Letter No. 9789/VP-KT dated December 13, requesting related authorities to increase instruction to implement pilot project on completing and further applying environment protection model in new-style rural area construction in disadvantaged communes, border communes and island communes with investment of the private sector in the 2017-2020 period, which is approved by the Prime Minister under Decision No. 712/QD-TTg dated May 26, 2017 (Project 712).

The Ha Noi People’s Committee received document of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on further enhancing instruction to realize Project 712. Accordingly, People’s Committee of cities and provinces shall continue effort to review, assess current models of rural water supply, waste collection and treatment, thus reviewing effective models which can be applied further, and point out problems in the implementation process in localities.

The localities which have already suggested the pilot project on environment protection according to Project 712 and prepared plan to allocate reserve fund to realize the project shall perform tasks as following: building report to suggest policy on investment; process the verification procedure, and submit it to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for further verification, summarization and instruction of implementation; completing the dossier soon, approve it, and carry out the projects that already received feedback of the  Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Other localities which have demand of the pilot project shall review their plans on allocating reverse fund from National Target Program of New-style Rural Area Construction to implement the project, and submit them to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development soon, so that the latter will sum up the information.

In order to enhance the implementation of environmental criteria in new-style rural area construction, the authorities shall perform following tasks:

- Concentrate on solving burning problems in the field of rural environment in the localities; special attention shall paid to following tasks: domestic waste sorting at source; raising the percentage of collected and treated waste in accordance with the regulations on environmental safety, and solving the environmental pollution caused by livestock waste; giving the best plan to collect and handle the pesticide packaging after being used; paying attention to waste water collection, and having measure for waste water treatment in residential clusters; increasing the rate of people having access to standard clean water from the concentrated water supply system and the rate of hygienic latrines;

- Recognize a commune as new-style rural area only when it meets all criteria in terms of environment and food safety according to regulation;

- Conduct inspection, and review the recognized communes in terms of criterion No. 17, especially the communes which were recognized according under Decision No. 491/QĐ-TTg dated April 16, 2009 of the Prime Minister on issuing the set of national criteria on new-style rural area, thus having measure to improve quality and ensure sustainability.

In response to the document, the Ha Noi People’s Committee requests municipal Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in cooperation with relevant agencies to implement the task according to regulation, act as advisor to the People’s Committee, and report any issue beyond their authority to the People’s Committee.

By Mai Phuong



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