Effort increased to stock prime products (12:32 18/12/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee issued Document No. 6117/UBND-KT dated December 12th on stabilizing market price in the last month of 2018 and Lunar New Year of 2019.

Accordingly, the Department of Finance shall regularly supervise the market price, especially price of the prime products, give timely instruction, and take measure to prevent improper price increase or wrong information that can destabilize the market; cooperate with other authorities to increase control, examine the implementation of legal regulations on prices; tighten control over price registration and declaration of organizations and individuals running their business in Ha Noi, especially price of products which are highly demanded before, during and after the Lunar New Year, such as transportation service, food service, tourism and parking service; tighten control over the prices; thoroughly assess effect of the price amendment (if any), and have proper roadmap to revise the market prices.

The Ha Noi Department of Industry and Trade shall proactively supervise the market, balance the demand and supply of the prime products and services in the city; timely report to the Municipal People’s Committee, and suggest measures to the People’s Committee to ensure sufficient supply of goods to the people; cooperate with other authorities to implement the program on market stabilization of prime products in Ha Noi, and prepare plan to stock products for relief and ensuring people’s life; publicize information about the program on market stabilization of Ha Noi, so that the people and enterprises are well informed.

The People’s Committees of districts and towns shall proactively cooperate with related authorities to perform tasks in price management; direct subordinate agencies to increase the examination, control regulations on price and fee, and handle violations, such as speculation, price increase, giving false information to raise the prices and causing market instability, especially for essential goods and services; increase examination, check the implementation of legal regulation on parking fee (such as area and price) in districts and towns, and severely punish violations; take drastic measures to eliminate roadside markets and parking areas which are illegal and violate traffic safety regulations; withdraw license, and do not issue license to use pavement for parking, if the individual or organization violate regulations on parking repeatedly.

Enterprises dealing with price stabilization and enterprises dealing with prime products shall proactively prepare prime products to ensure sufficient supply of products at reasonable price and high quality, and have measure for timely adjustment between areas in the city; do not increase price due to natural disasters, storms and flooding, do not supply low-quality, expired products to the people in flooded areas, and declare the prices clearly.

According to their functions and missions, other authorities of Ha Noi shall increase information work, enhance popularization of regulations on price management, operation and stabilization, minimize false information, and act as advisor to the Municipal People’s Committee to release measures to stabilize the price in Ha Noi in the last months of 2018, especially for the Lunar New Year.

By Mai Phuong



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