Strengthening communication on preventing HIV/AIDS and social evils (19:01 15/12/2018)

HNP – The People’s Committee released Plan No.  225/KH-UBND on December 12th, carrying out a project “Jointly enhancing the popularization of preventing HIV/AIDS, social evils, drug abuse and prostitution by 2020 in the area. 

Accordingly, the city sets up targets by 2020, including: improving the quality and effectiveness of the popularization; strengthening renewal, diversification of communication methods and products. In which, new communications will increase by 10-15%; television and radio broadcasting time, other publications of communication agencies will post a year on year surge of over 15%;  the number of people having access to information of preventing HIV/AIDS, social evils, drug abuse and prostitution will rise by 20% compared to last year; 100% of journalists, editors in charge of popularizing HIV/AIDS prevention will be trained.
To fulfill the set targets, the city will carry out many communication missions; popularize measures and skills to prevent seduction, drugs, prostitution, and human trafficking for the purpose of prostitution or deal with addicts, drug users; raise the awareness, reduce stigma and discrimination, and guarantee rights and interests of people living with HIV/AIDS, drug addicts and sex workers; encourage people living with HIV/AIDS to participate in health insurance; create jobs for economic development, living stability; take solution, scientific and technological advances in preventing HIV/AIDS, drug abuse and prostitution. 
The Municipal People’s Committee requested that the popularization of preventing HIV/AIDS, social evils, drug abuse and prostitution must be exact in accordance with guidelines, policies of the Party and the State, and regulations of laws. 
The implementation of the Plan needs to tighten the cooperation among agencies to ensure quality, effectiveness and practice; be suitable with targets and socio-economic development and the Project “Popularizing the prevention of drug abuse on mass media” under the Drug Prevention Program by 2020 of the Government in the city according to Plan No. 138/KH-UBND dated June 18th, 2018 of the Municipal People’s Committee.

By Tran Huong



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