City to ensure balance of supply and demand at the end of 2018 and Tet festival 2019 (05:03 12/12/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee granted Official Letter No. 5989/UBND-KT on December 5th, taking solutions to ensure balance of good supply and demand at the end of 2018 and Lunar New Year Festival (Tet) 2019. 

Accordingly, the Municipal People’s Committee assigned the Department of Industry and Trade to effectively carry out a program on stabilizing the market for essential goods associated with the program “Vietnamese people give priority to using domestic goods”; encourage businesses and organizations to launch sales trips to rural areas, industrial parks so as to timely supply enough goods to local residents on Tet holiday 2019; cooperate with the State Bank of Viet Nam (Ha Noi Branch) and enhance connectivity between producing and trading enterprises and credit organizations to provide preferable loans for market stability; coordinate with districts, towns to encourage businesses to participate in price stabilization programs as well as expand the distribution network to serve local people
More effort must be made to monitor the market, supply and demand of vital goods and timely give a report to the  Municipal People’s  Committee for reasonable solutions to ensure enough commodities to meet people’s demand; tighten the cooperation with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, People’s Committee of districts, towns and relevant agencies to monitor diseases and weather changes to give measures to ensure balance of goods supply and demand, market stability at the end of 2018 and Tet holiday 2019.
Moreover, the Department of Industry and Trade will take prime responsibility and coordinate with the Department of Transport, the Police Department and People’s Committees of districts, town to organize spring flower markets to serve Tet holiday 2019 in the city; ensure traffic order, safety, environmental sanitation, fire prevention and fighting; collaborate with relevant agencies to ensure safety for spring fairs, and promotion activities on Tet holiday 2019.
The Department of Industry and Trade is tasked to take prime responsibility and cooperate with departments and relevant sectors to check food safety and hygiene in producing and trading enterprises, especially shopping malls, supermarkets and markets; check the supply of power to serve production and people’s living conditions atthe end of the year and Tet holiday. 
It is necessary to coordinate with the Department of Culture and Sports, the Department of Tourism and People’s Committee of districts, towns to successfully organize spring fairs, entertainment parks in the area; cooperate with the Department of Information and Communications, relevant units and press agencies to timely give full information of price stabilization programs, market stabilization policies among people; popularize the program “Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese products”, etc.
People’s Committees of districts, suburban districts and towns will enhance the popularization to encourage producing and trading enterprises, organizations, individuals to develop production, save the cost and supply more goods to stabilize price in the end of the year and Tet 2019; request functional units and People’s Committees of communes, wards to focus on monitoring the market, cooperate with departments, sectors and relevant organizations to take solutions for price stabilization; support  producing and trading facilities in stockpiling, supplying goods; check, detect, and strictly handle violation cases in the area; and tighten the management of Tet flowers festivals, etc. 

By Tran Huong

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