City urges to complete reports on socio-economic development in 2018 (05:46 24/10/2018)

HNP – The Ha Noi People’s Committee has recently granted Official Letter No. 5071/UBND-KH&DT on asking departments, sectors, agencies to give reports on implementing socio-economic development plans in 2018 and make plans for 2019.

Accordingly, to prepare for a report on implementing the plan on socio-economic development in 2018 and key missions, solutions in 2019 to serve the year-end meeting of the Municipal People’s Council, the Municipal People’s Committee asked departments, sectors, agencies, basing on targets, missions decided by the Municipal People’s Council at Resolution No. 13/NQ-HDND dated December 4th, 2017 and tasks assigned by the Municipal People’s Committee at Program No. 34/CTr-UBND dated January 28th, 2018 on major missions, solutions to implement the socio-economic development and the state budget estimate in 2018, to report the implementation of socio-economic development missions in 2018.

Accordingly, the reports should focus on pointing out advantages, difficulties as well as outstanding results and shortcomings, weaknesses, and causes during the implementation.

In addition, departments, sectors, and agencies are tasked to make plans for 2019, featuring key goals, targets, and solutions in 2019; cooperate with units to allocate target to ensure feasibility while implementing.

The Ha Noi Statistical Office is responsible for providing statistical indicators to evaluate the implementation of the socio – economic development in 2018, the Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP), index of industrial production (IIP), export and import turnover, total retail sales, Consumer Price Index (CPI), etc.

The Ha Noi Institute for Socio Economic Development Studies will forecast the situation of socio-economic development, domestic and foreign markets in 2019 and following years; analyze policies related to international economic integration, opportunities and challenges of Ha Noi, as a basis to make the city’s socio-economic development plan in 2019.

The Ha Noi Social Insurance will review figures and make the detailed implementation report by the end of 2018 and allocation of targets in districts, suburban districts, and towns in 2019.

By Tran Huong



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