Tightening control to handle traffic congestion and ensure traffic safety (15:38 28/08/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee has recently issued Official Letter No. 3839/UBND-DT, requesting related agencies to increase control, submit report on urban management and construction. This is the city’s effort to overcome traffic congestion and ensure traffic safety and order.

The Ha Noi People’s Committee received document of the Ministry of Construction on increasing control and submit report on urban and construction management as part of activities to deal with traffic congestion and ensure traffic safety and order.

Accordingly, the agencies specializing in construction shall take following actions:
- Tighten control over the making, consideration, approval, and amendment of urban planning, especially amendment of urban planning schemes for the urban area in terms of number of storeys, construction density, land use coefficient, population size and area of transport works; it will ensure the ability to meet requirement and connect with the urban traffic;
- Increase control over the making and management of planning on industrial zones and urban areas along highways, national roads, thus ensuring the traffic flow on the routes; control the compliance with regulation on area of parking lots in apartment buildings, offices, commercial centers, industrial zones, schools and hospitals; ensure space of roadsides and pavements for pedestrians; conduct inspection and examination to prevent violations, and severely punish construction activities that violate the road, railroad, and waterway traffic corridors; supervise the areas and urban roads prone to be flooded locally, and prepare measures to prevent flooding or deal with it properly; balance the resources, speed up progress of investment and construction of urban traffic infrastructure according to the planning, as well as key projects on urban traffic infrastructure, public passenger transportation projects with high volume, with the focus on the urban railway project.

The objects taking part in construction activities shall perform following tasks:
- Realize their responsibilities in terms of inspection, design, supervision, construction and maintenance of traffic infrastructure, meet technical requirements in terms of transport according to legal  regulations;
- Regularly urge implementation of the regulations, and take measures to ensure traffic safety and order during the construction process; revise and supplement necessary measures to ensure safety.

In response to the document, the Ha Noi People’s Committee request the Department of Planning and Architecture to act as focal point; the Authority of Planning and Investment and Department of Transport to prepare reports according to the Ministry of Construction’s draft guideline and make draft documents of the Municipal People’ Committee for further submission to the Ministry of Construction by December 15, 2018.

The Department of Planning and Architecture is responsible for strictly controlling the appraisal process; acting as advisor to the Municipal People’s Committee in terms of planning schemes in connection with adjustment of planning on following issues: number of storeys, construction density, land use coefficient, population size, and area of traffic land in the inner city; summing up the proposals, and reporting them to the Ha Noi People’s Committee according to instruction of the Municipal People’s Committee under Document No. 6023/VP-DT dated August 6, 2018.

By Mai Phuong

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