Department of Investment and Planning urged to improve quality of advisory work for socio-economic development (14:54 24/08/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi Party Committee issued Announcement No. 1516-TB/TU on August 20th on stating the conclusion of the Municipal Party Committee Secretary at the working session with the Department of Investment and Planning.

Accordingly, as an advisor, the Department of Investment and Planning should proactively recommend and make master plans, measures so as to direct and arrange human resource in an effort to fulfill targets of the Resolution of the 16th Municipal Party Organization’s Congress, especially goals, targets having many obstacles; review, complete the system of plans, targets in line with actual situation, meeting the requirement of the development in each period in association with targets of the city’s industrialization and modernization by 2025; improve the quality of the forecasting work in high risk fields as a basis to build  the Resolution of the 17th Municipal Party Organization’s Congress as well as socio-economic development plan and five- year public investment plan for the period of 2021-2025.

In addition, more effort must be made to better cooperate with the Central’s ministries, sectors, the city’s departments, agencies and People’s Committees of districts, towns to carry out Conclusion 22-KL/TW of the Politburo on major orientations, missions of the city’s development for the 2011-2020 period”; research and propose strategic mechanisms, policies so as to strengthen economic restructuring and mobilize maximum resources for the development, etc.

The Department is urged to maintain and improve the efficiency of administrative reform, especially building skilled officials, civil servants; boost information technology application in jointly implementing missions among units, departments, sectors, People’s Committees of districts, towns in the area; review, reform administrative procedures with focus on clarifying responsibilities among units to ensure simplification of procedures but still adhere to the provisions of law; urgently complete and submit regulations on managing public investment projects and off-budget investment projects in the city to the Municipal People’s Committee for issuance in August, 2018; review and propose the adjustment of some contents, regulations on decentralization of economic and social management in order to ensure compliance with practical requirements; report to the Municipal People’s Committee for submission to the Municipal People’s Council at the meeting held in the end of 2018.

Besides, the Department will focus on urging, proposing solutions to accelerate the disbursement of public investment plan in 2018; offering drastic measures and specific mechanisms to finish projects as scheduled; improving the quality of the advisory work in selecting investors of projects, especially PPP ones as stipulated by current regulations of the State and the city; enhancing supervision, investment evaluation; reviewing the quantity and implementation of off-budget projects in the area; timely taking drastic measures to handle projects behind schedule.

Special attention must be paid to serving as advisory agency in improving investment environment and increasing PCI; supporting enterprises overcome obstacles and creating favorable conditions for enterprises, investors according to the spirit of Resolution of the 12th National Party Congress on developing private economy sector into an important motive for the economy"; completing and carrying out the start-up project; improving the operational quality of business incubator, contributing to fulfilling the business development target in the city.

By Tran Huong



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