More effort to handle problems of key electrical projects (18:53 13/08/2018)

HNP - The Office of Ha Noi People’s Committee issued Official Letter No. 6068/VP-KT dated August 8, 2018, requesting related agencies and units to handle problems in developing power grid of the city.

The Municipal People’s Committee received report of the Department of Industry and Trade on power development in Ha Noi over the past six months, and orientation as well as tasks for the last months of 2018. Accordingly, city’s departments and sectors shall direct specialized agencies and sectors to increase cooperation, guide investors how to process related procedures, ease difficulties and handle problems, thus guaranteeing progress of the electrical projects.

People’s Committees of districts, suburb districts and towns shall enhance assistance, guide investors in making list of assets, making, verifying and approving compensation plans, offer support in site clearance, arrange resettlement for construction of electrical works; promote information work and popularization, and encourage people to support and create favorable conditions for early handing over of construction site. They shall also assign staffs to act focal points and cooperate with the  Department of Industry and Trade to handle administrative procedures between Ha Noi state agencies and the Ha Noi Electricity Corporation, which involve investment in medium voltage works in Ha Noi; cooperate with the Ha Noi Electricity Corporation to make list of assets, determine value of the electricity works to be handed over, and complete applications for transferring electric works according to guidance in Document No. 1479/SCT-QLNL dated April 5, 2018, and submit them to the Department of Industry and Trade by July 7, 2018.

Based on database of the units, the Department of Industry and Trade will report to the Municipal People’s Committee for further submission to the Ministry of Finance; the latter will sum up information, and send it to the Prime Minister for further consideration and decision on asset transfer. Units asking for asset transfer shall take responsibility, if they fail to complete dossier according to requirement of the Department of Industry and Trade.

In response to the document, the Municipal People’s Committee requests city’s member departments, agencies and sectors of Ha Noi Steering Committee for Electricity Development to review the aforementioned report of the Department of Industry and Trade, report implementation of the tasks that they are assigned in terms of state management and in power grid projects, and send to the Department of Industry and Trade by August 15, 2018. The latter will sum up information and report to the Municipal People’s Committee.

The Municipal People’s Committee assigns the Department of Industry and Trade to sum up information, assess implementation of the tasks assigned by the Municipal People’s Committee, express proposals, and urge the Municipal People’s Committee to speed up progress of implementation and give instruction timely. Report shall be submitted to the Municipal People’s Committee by August 20. The Department of Industry and Trade shall cooperate with the National Power Transmission Corporation and the Ha Noi Electricity Corporation to review the situation, sum up information about implementation, shortcomings, and problems that the key electricity projects are facing, and suggest solution and ask Municipal People’s Committee to increase instruction or preside over meetings to tackle the troubles according to regulation.

By Mai Phuong



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