Increasing effort to realize key missions of Program 02 to the end of the tenure (07:37 29/07/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi Party Committee has recently issued Announcement No. 1462-TB/TU, stating conclusions of Permanent Vice Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Ngo Thi Thanh Hang at the meeting to review mid-term implementation of Program No. 02-CTr/TU dated April 26, 2016 of the Municipal Party Committee.

Permanent Vice Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Ngo Thi Thanh Hang points out key missions from now to the end of the tenure. Accordingly, she requests more effort for following tasks:

- Strictly following targets and goals of the Program No. 02, mobilizing all resources, easing difficulties and solving problems, and taking drastic measures to deal with unfulfilled criteria, such as economic growth of the agriculture, rate of households using clean water, and rate of malnourished children; promoting groups of comprehensive solutions, creating breakthroughs in a number of models, raising production values, and building brands of Ha Noi agriculture products; continuing effort to reach the target of new-style rural communes and suburban districts according to the plan, raising income and living conditions of the farmers according to the  industrialization and modernization of Ha Noi, and contributing to successfully implementing the Resolution of the 16th Party Congress of Ha Noi;

- Regarding agricultural development: boosting the development of agriculture production towards agriculture re-structuring; enhancing intensive farming, applying technology and scientific, technological advances to create safe products, improving productivity and quality of products as well as food safety; developing the eco-agriculture, creating green belt in association with tourism development, environment protection and gradual adaption to climate change in accordance with local conditions;

- Putting policies on agricultural product of the Central Government and of Ha Noi into practice efficiently; realizing thematic resolution of the Ha Noi People’s Council on encouraging application of scientific, technological advances and high technology in agricultural production; increasing in-depth training for officers, focusing on agricultural techniques, raising state management capacity in the field of agriculture and calling on more enterprises to invest in in agriculture development;

- Reviewing, assessing, analyzing, strengthening and improving performance quality of agricultural cooperatives, and re-organizing the cooperatives that have not transformed according to the Law on Cooperative 2012 yet; taking drastic measures to eliminate the inactive cooperatives;

- Maintaining and increasing efficiency of the model to connect scientists, managers, enterprises, farmers and consumers closely, thus promoting the connection and cooperation in all processes (production, processing, consumption of farm products); increasing investment promotion and introduction of farm products, enhancing production model in chains; increasing trade promotion in order to assert the position of Ha Noi farm products and enhance export; increasing quarantine and animal health inspection, tightening control over slaughter, checking food safety and hygiene, as well as supervision of disease prevention and control;

- Regarding new-style rural area construction: fulfilling the task of planning and planning management of new-style rural communes and wards; increasing management of land, especially management of agricultural land, as well as management of construction order and environment protection; comprehensively developing and modernizing rural infrastructure in association with urban development, particularly in the suburban districts which are planned for urban development;

- Increasing popularization and information work, improving awareness and sense of responsibility of the Party committees, governments and Fatherland Front at all levels, as well as social, political unions and especially the people on building new-style rural areas; increasing instruction to urge the communes and suburban districts to speed up progress of new-style rural area development. If the communes and wards already reach the new-style rural area standard, they shall maintain and improve quality of fulfilled criteria and strive to become the role models among new-style rural communes and suburban districts; mobilizing resources, and increasing effort to call for non-state investment in new-style rural area construction; striving to complete and even reach beyond target in terms of quantity of new-style rural communes and wards;

- For improving living conditions of the farmers: further improving quality of movement “All people join hands for new-style rural area construction and civilized city” in association with other movements on culture development and building the civilized, elegant life-style of Hanoians; enhancing mass mobilization in order to speed up implementation progress of target programs, especially programs on poverty reduction, creating jobs for rural laborers and supporting households under preferential treatment policy and poor households in building houses; further improving spiritual and material lives of the people; building, improving, managing the medical, cultural, education and sport works as well asrecreational places and libraries in rural area efficiently , and bringing them into full play.

By Mai Phuong

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