Increasing effort to protect reservoirs in Ha Noi (05:45 27/07/2018)

HNP - According to Official Letter No. 3305/UBND-KT dated July 20, the Municipal People’s Committee requests related units to increasing effort to protect the reservoirs in the capital city.

Accordingly, the Ha Noi People’s Committee asks Song Day Irrigation Investment and Development Co., Ltd, Ha Noi Irrigation Investment and Development Co., Ltd and Song Tich Irrigation One-member Co., Ltd. to take following actions:
- Continuing effort to check and assess quality of all reservoirs in the areas under their management; proactively handling problems, fixing the damaged works and items which might become unsafe, thus proactively responding to unfavorable weather; checking the devices of floodgates and drains, and arranging sufficient standby equipment to ensure safety of the works in any circumstance;

- Reviewing, assessing operation procedure of the reservoirs, which are amended by competent authorities, and operating the reservoirs according to the approved procedures. If there is a lack of operation procedure for the reservoirs, reservoirs managing units shall urgently make the procedure, put it into practice according to regulation to protect safety of the works and the people in downstream area, and keep sufficient water for cultivation. If the works are likely to become unsafe, they must be report to the Ha Noi People’s Committee and Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, Search and Rescue to ask for proper and timely solution;
- Cooperating with the local governments and the Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, Search and Rescue of localities as well as related units to mobilize manpower, prepare supplies and equipment according to the Four On-site motto; conducting training sessions, mobilizing forces and implementing the plan to handle incidents promptly as soon as they occur, especially incidents in the downstream areas and critical reservoirs; building plan of early warning to the people in order to protect lives and properties of the people in downstream areas affected by emergency water release of the reservoirs; mobilizing manpower for regular supervision, and closely following up with changes of the weather; assigning officers on duty on sites in case of heavy rain and storm, thus detecting problems soon and promptly handle them.

The People’s Committees of Soc Son, Ba Vi, Son Tay, Chuong My, Thach That, Quoc Oai and My Duc suburban districts are asked to take following actions:

- Closely cooperating with the irrigation companies to check downstream areas prone to flooding, where lots of people, industrial zones and economic zones gather; proactively preparing plan to warn the people of water release from the reservoirs; building plan, and moving the people from dangerous areas in case of flood; conducting inspection, directing the Project Management Board to speed up progress of projects related to reservoirs whose investors are the suburban districts; building plan to respond to the natural disaster, protect safety of the works, the people and their properties;

- Increasing information work and popularization, focusing on knowledge and experiences in the field of flooding prevention and control; warning people of the dangerous reservoirs, and being prepared to respond to incidents; conducting regular inspection, detecting violations of reservoir, irrigation work protection regulations once they occur, and taking drastic measures to handle the infractions according to the law.

Furthermore, the Municipal People’s Committee requests Ha Noi Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to perform following tasks:
- Increasing inspection, urging local governments and reservoir managing units, and guiding them to strictly comply with legal regulations on reservoirs management, handle violations according to the law, or propose punishment for the infractions; providing guidance to improve capacity of the officers in charge of irrigation work management and operation, as well as their capacity to detect and deal with incidents; cooperating with the irrigation works to review, sum up information and propose the list of reservoirs in need of improvement and maintenance in order to protect safety of the works for cultivation, natural disaster prevention and control; reporting to the Municipal People’s Committee for further consideration and decision according to regulation; closely supervising the changes of weather, rain and storm, and acting as advisor to the Municipal People’s Committee; summing up the information, and reporting to the Municipal People’s Committee according to regulation.

For their parts, the Ha Noi Authority of Plan and Investment and Department of Finance are asked to balance budget, consider and suggest funding for repairing, maintaining the works, protecting the works and people in downstream area, and keeping water for cultivation according to regulation.

By Mai Phuong

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