City urges effort to respond to Son-Tinh storm (06:25 20/07/2018)

HNP - Chairman of the Ha Noi People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung signed Urgent Public Telegraph No. 01/CĐ-UBND dated July 18, urging effort to respond to Son-Tinh storm.

In order to proactively prevent, control and respond to Son-Tinh storm and overcome its consequences, agencies at all levels, sectors and units of Ha Noi shall keep close supervision of the rain, flooding and natural disasters in the area; check critical places and construction works, especially the ones under construction, as well as reservoirs and irrigation works; prepare forces, equipment and supplies according to the Four On-site motto, proactively give instruction to respond to the storm, rain and flooding, ensure safety of the works, people’s lives and properties of the State and the people, and minimize losses caused by the storm.

Chairman of People’s Committees of districts and towns shall urge close supervision of the situation, rain and flooding as well as natural disasters in the areas; increase inspection, check the system of dykes, reservoirs and irrigation works, detect and timely handle problems to protect the works; increase effort, take comprehensive measures for water drainage and protect cultivation area. They shall move the people to safe area, protect properties of the State and the people in riverside area, lowland prone to flooding, places prone to landslide and degraded, unsafe houses; proactively store food, medicine, prime products and supplies to help the people in recovering production, cleaning up the environment and overcoming consequences of the storm.

Thach That, Quoc Oai, Chuong My and My Duc districts shall focus on giving instruction, take comprehensive measures to prevent, control and respond to flooding in forests, protect safety of the people and properties of the State and people, overcome consequences of the storm and recover production after the rain and flooding.


The Department of Construction shall direct Ha Noi Water Drainage Company to check drainage system in urban area, remove obstacles which are blocking water flow; take measures for water drainage and flooding prevention in urban area; drain water in the flooded places. The Ha Noi Park and Green Tree Company shall promptly conduct inspection, trim trees which are likely to fall down due to storm and heavy rain; mobilize forces to handle fallen trees and prevent traffic jam; check high-rise buildings and construction works in the area, focusing on their actions to reinforce the cranes, billboards and transceiver stations to protect them during the storm.

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development shall direct units to protect dykes, reservoirs and irrigation works, take measures to prevent and control flooding and protect farming; urge irrigation companies to proactively operate the works, drain water in secondary canals and timely handle flooding in case of heavy rain; cooperate with People’s Committees of districts and towns to check the rice fields; provide guidance and instruction, urge units to take measures to recover production after the rain and storm; proactively cooperate with related agencies, units and sectors as well as People’s Committees of districts and towns to review and sum up information of losses due to the storm, and suggest policy to help people overcome its consequences according to regulation.

The Department of Transport in collaboration with Ha Noi Police Department take measures to arrange traffic flow, prepare supplies to handle traffic jam at flooded places; timely handle traffic accidents, prevent congestion and ensure traffic safety and order in Ha Noi.


The Ha Noi Police Department shall increase manpower, take measures to ensure political security, social order and safety as well as traffic safety during the storm and rain. The Command of the Capital shall closely follow up with the situation of rain, storm, flooding and natural disaster in Ha Noi, prepare manpower and supplies for quick response in necessary case.

The Department of Industry and Trade shall check storage of prime products, ensure sufficient supply of food, prime products and supplies to prevent, control the storm and help people overcome consequences, recover production and stabilize the market.


The Department of Health shall urge 24 hour medical service to timely handle accidents during the storm; proactively implement plan to protect medical establishments and patients; prepare sufficient medicines, supplies and equipment to respond to the rain, storm, flooding and incidents. The Department of Education and Training shall closely follow up with the situation, implement plans to reinforce schools and training establishments.

The Department  of Information and Communications in cooperation with Office of Ha Noi Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, Search and Rescue maintain information and communications system for operation of storm prevention and control activities. The Ha Noi Electricity Corporation shall ensure power safety, timely handle incidents and give priority to supply power for pumping stations.

By Mai Phuong

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