Hanoi issues a plan on ensuring food safety in agriculture (16:18 09/04/2019)

HNP - The Hanoi People’s Committee has recently issued Plan No. 79/KH-UBND on food safety in agricultural sector in 2019.

Accordingly, all officials in charge of food safety at all levels will be trained on specialized knowledge and skills and all feedback on food safety issues in agro, forestry and fishery sectors will be handled promptly.

The Municipal People’s Committee requested producers, processors, traders and consumers to comply with regulations on quality of agricultural materials and food safety.

The Municipal People’s Committee underlined the need to detect, prevent and promptly handle the transportation, trade and use of banned substances including chemicals, antibiotics, fertilizers, pesticides outside the permitted list in animal husbandry, aquaculture and agro-forestry and aquatic processing sector; handle small slaughterhouses which do not meet food safety standards as well as transportation and trade of animals and their products to reduce harmful microbial contamination.

Among the tasks of the plan include taking samples to monitor agro-forestry and aquatic products quality; strengthening the control of chemical residues, antibiotics, preservatives, additives in all kinds of meat and seafood products; enhancing specialized inspections of businesses with the focus on food with high risks; announcing food safety violations on mass media and strictly handling cases as stipulated by law.

It is necessary to enhance random inspections on the quality of agricultural supplies and food safety; focus on food traceability in markets; detect and strictly handle infractions as regulated; clarify causes and traceability to thoroughly address infringing issues.

The Municipal People’s Committee also asked to promote the development of hi-tech agriculture and organic agriculture; strive to increase by 20% of safe agro-forestry and fishery chains compared to last year; among others.

By Tran Huong



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