City to increase control and severely punish violations of firecracker usage (15:37 28/08/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee issued Document No. 3922/UBND-NC dated August 24 on increasing implementation of Decree No. 36/2009/ND-CP on managing, using firecrackers.

According to instruction of the Municipal People’s Committee, Ha Noi Police Department shall perform following tasks:

- Take professional measures comprehensively; cooperate with related agencies and units to increase patrol and tighten control, detect violations in the field of firecrackers and severely punish,  in order to contributes to ensuring security and order before, during and after the Lunar New Year of 2019; proactively cooperate with the Ha Noi People’s Court and Ha Noi People’s Procuracy at all levels to conduct investigation, prosecution and judgment of those who violate regulations on production, transport, storage and use of firecrackers, thus deterring further violations; prepare collaboration plan to maintain security and order at firework display venues at the Lunar New Year’s eve of 2019 (if any) and during important events in Ha Noi.

The Command of the Capital shall urge subordinate units and military heads at all levels to conduct inspection, cooperate with related units to closely manage the production, transport, storage and use of fireworks, and ensure safety during the Lunar New Year of 2019 as well as important events in the capital city.

The Department of Industry and Trade shall request the Market Surveillance Department to closely cooperate with police to increase inspection and control, enhance the fight to detect, prevent and severely punish illegal production, trading, transport, storage, import and export of firecrackers.

The Department  of Education and Training and People’s Committees of districts and towns shall urge Education Sections and school administrators to conduct popularization, encourage teachers, staff and students to strictly follow the State’s regulation on managing and using firecrackers; apply severely punishment for students who intentionally violate the rules;
Point out responsibilities of teachers and school administrators if there is illegal storage and use of firecrackers.

The Department of Justice and  the Department of Information and Communications in collaboration with the Ha Noi Party Committee’s Commission of Propaganda and Education, the Department of Culture and Sports, the Ha Noi Youth Union and press, communications agencies in the city to prepare content of law popularization and education, increase the popularization and education among people from all walks of life, encourage them to comply with the Government’s Decree No. 36/2009/NĐ-CP on managing, using firecrackers; special attention is paid to teenagers, youth, students and household businesses.

The People’s Committees of districts, suburban districts, and towns shall direct subordinate agencies and People’s Committees of wards and communes to enhance the movement “All people join hands to protect the country”, build a safe region, detect and report cases of illegal firecracker production, transport, storage and use. They shall also increase popularization to increase people’s awareness, sense of responsibilities and sense of complying with regulation on firecracker management and use; request agencies, offices, schools, enterprises, households and household businesses as well as individuals to sign commitment, and pledge not to  produce, transport, store and use firecrackers illegally in the region.

By Mai Phuong

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