Hanoi suspends non-essential services from July 13 (21:46 13/07/2021)

HNP - Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee Chu Ngoc Anh signed Dispatch No. 14/CD-CTUBND on July 12 on COVID-19 prevention and control measures given new and serious pandemic developments.  

Accordingly, the situation of corona disease has been complicated in major cities, especially in Ho Chi Minh City and southern provinces. 


In recent days, Hanoi has taken measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic. However, the city faces growing risks of COVID-19 transmission from arrivals from outbreak prevention-hit regions as well as poor public observance of COVID measures.


On July 11, Hanoi recorded 18 new COVID-19 cases, many of them are those returning to the city from Ho Chi Minh City and other virus-hit provinces.
In response to a resurgence of COVID-19 cases in the capital, Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Chu Ngoc Anh asked heads of departments and sectors, and chairpersons of district- and commune-level People’s Committees to tighten discipline in COVID-19 prevention and control. 
They must raise their sense of responsibility to carry out dispatches, directives and guiding documents of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Health and municipal authorities on enhancing measures against the pandemic.
The mayor urged the city’s entities and localities to set up working teams to inspect the observance of disease prevention and control regulations. 
All officials, Party members and public servants have to take the lead in abiding by anti-pandemic measures, he ordered, noting that chairpersons of district- and commune-level People’s Committees should be held their responsibility for the COVID-19 efforts. 
He asked for tough punishment on irresponsible cases and those who break the government's regulations on COVID-19 prevention and control.
All returnees from Ho Chi Minh City and other disease-hit areas or those who have direct contacts with the aforesaid people are required to make full health declaration at website www.tokhaiyte.vn or use apps Ncovi and Bluezone. 
In addition, these people are subject to present negative Real-time PCR SARS-CoV-2 tests within three days before returning to the capital city. 
Chairman Anh assigned the police and functional forces to set up checkpoints at the city’s gateways to control all people and vehicles  traveling in and out of the capital city.
From 0:00 on July 13, those who have recently been to HCM City and other outbreak areas designated by the health ministry must report to their respective wards' health department, fill in health declaration forms and self-isolate for 14 days.
If symptoms of fever, cough, sore throat and loss of taste are evident, they are advised to report to local authorities and the nearest medical clinics for guidance. 
Anh requested the competent authorities to intensify their communications, promote the role of COVID-19 community-based teams to timely detect suspected cases and effectively contain the pandemic, and strictly punish any violations.
According to Anh, Hanoi will once again enforce further restrictions on non-essential services.  
In particular, dine-in services at restaurants and other food and beverage establishments will no longer be allowed starting July 13, though takeaway services can remain operational. Hairdresser salons and barbershops will also be closed.
No crowds of 10 people or more outside workplaces, businesses and schools are allowed. Violators of those rules will face stiff penalties and business owners may have their business licenses permanently revoked if they break the rules.

By Tran Huong

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