Raising leaders’ sense of responsibility in fight against COVID-19 (22:12 26/05/2021)

HNP - The Hanoi People’s Committee issued Official Letter No. 1597/UBND-KGVX on May 25 on raising decision makers’ sense of responsibility, drastically implementing measures against COVID-19 in agencies and units city-wide.

Accordingly, coping with the complicated and unpredictable development of the pandemic, the municipal People’s Committee asked heads of the city’s departments and sectors, chairpersons of district-level People’s Committees, and directors of state-owned enterprises to focus on enforcing regulations on COVID-19 prevention and control stated in guiding documents issued by the Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee between April 24 to May 24.


In an effort to ensure absolute safety for civil servants and employees in public agencies and units, the city requested heads of the city’s departments and localities to update themselves on the pandemic situation and seriously carry out plans in response to the disease evolution. 
Officials, civil servants and employees are required to play an exemplary and vanguard role in carrying out anti-pandemic measures. Those who violate COVID-19 prevention rules will face strict punishments in accordance  with the Party’s regulations and the laws of the State.
Under the document, the city’s entities need to enhance COVID-19 prevention and control efforts in their workplaces; strengthen the application of IT in operation; and allow civil servants and employees to work from home.
All agencies and units should limit face-to-face meetings and gatherings must meet the requirement of disease prevention and control.
The municipal People’s Committee ordered public bodies to tighten the control  of their officials and civil servants and employees. 
Officials, civil servants and workers in the city’s organs must ask for permission of their leaders when traveling outside of the city on holidays or on weekends. 
They must fill out health declaration forms on the Ministry of Health’s website tokhaiyte.vn or mobile applications such as NCOVI, Bluezone within 24 hours after returning to the city.
Those returning from localities considered outbreaks as announced by health agencies like the Ministry of Health, the Department of Health and the Hanoi Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) must notify the heads of agencies and units.
If showing signs of cough, fever, difficulty breathing or signs of suspicion of coronavirus infections, they must self-isolate and immediately notify local medical units for guidance on COVID-19 surveillance and testing.
Heads of agencies, all-level steering committees for COVID-19 prevention and control, and local authorities will be held responsible before the law for the emergence of the pandemic due to subjective factors.

By Tran Huong

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