Hanoi strives to be safe and attractive destination for investment, trade, culture and tourism (17:01 29/03/2023)

HNP - On March 23, the Hanoi People's Committee issued Plan No. 101/KH-UBND on the organization of external information activities in 2023 for the promotion of socio-economic development.

The City aims to effectively implement the Party's guidelines and the State's policies and laws in the external information field. It seeks to create a consensus among the city and local departments, agencies, and sectors about the significance of external information work as an integral part of the Party's ideological and external relations work. This will help consolidate and strengthen people's confidence in the Party's leadership, instill patriotism and national pride, and foster faith in the development of the capital and the country. The City plans to further establish Vietnam and Hanoi as safe and attractive destinations for investment, trade, culture, and tourism. It seeks to open new communication channels to promote the image of the capital and the country abroad, with a focus on strengthening the role of the locality as the "nucleus" and "foundation" to build the nation's image.

In addition, the City aims to promote better understanding and awareness of the situation in Vietnam among international friends. This includes issues related to the rule of law, economic development, foreign affairs, environmental protection, tourism, and other areas. Maintaining a peaceful and stable environment is essential to serve the socio-economic development tasks of the capital and the country.

The local government also strives for proactive, timely, synchronized, creative and effective external information work that accurately reflects the current situation at home and abroad. This includes synchronizing the awareness, leadership, direction and management of Party committees and authorities at all levels, as well as the content, methods and resources for implementing external information in the city. External information should vividly reflect the spirit and implementation of the Party's policies, the state's policies and laws, and the decisions and resolutions of the Central Committee. It should also focus on the socio-political events and foreign activities of Vietnam and Hanoi in 2023. To achieve this, the content and methods of external information must be renovated to meet the needs, trends, and habits of different target groups.

The content should fully convey the message of these events, and the methods used should be attractive and in line with current communication trends. In addition, the whole political system should be synergized, and the media and press team should take the lead. All members of society, including people in the capital, people at home and abroad, the expatriate community in Vietnam, and international friends, should be actively involved.

By Hai Nam

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