Hanoi ensures supply of essential goods (23:01 27/07/2021)

HNP - The Hanoi People’s Committee issued Official Letter No. 2377/UBND-KT on July 26 on ensuring circulation and organizing the supply of essential goods in the city.

Accordingly, the municipal authorities asked the Department of Industry and Trade to regularly review and update the plan to ensure goods, based on forecasting, keep itself informed on the evolution of the COVID-19 epidemic as well as consumer demand and the ability to supply goods inside and outside the city.
The department is required to advise the municipal People's Committee on directing departments, branches, and district-level People's Committees to implement tasks to ensure adequate supply of essential goods for the people in the area.
In addition, the municipal authorities urged the department to strengthen the connection of supply and demand with other provinces and cities, synthesize and provide information on sources of essential goods and seasonal agricultural products to distribution units, supermarkets, markets and food stores in the city so as to stock up  sufficient goods for epidemic prevention and control.
The department needs to direct distribution businesses, supermarkets, and business units to increase their reserves, arrange adequate means and human resources to transport goods to retail outlets to serve the people's consumption needs, and promote sales through e-commerce applications, online sales, phone sales, even 24 hour a day sales if necessary.
The Department of Industry and Trade should coordinate with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, functional forces, and district-level People's Committees to guide and supervise operation of essential stalls in wholesale markets and markets to ensure they meet the requirements on epidemic prevention and control. 
 At the same time, it is necessary to direct relevant units to work out plans to manage the number of people entering and leaving the market.
The municipal authorities also ordered the Department of Industry and Trade to take prime responsibility and work with its counterparts of provinces, cities, businesses and units to make a list of transportation needs, departure and arrival points of means of transport supplying essential goods in Hanoi, then send it to the Department of Transport and the Department of Public Security to facilitate  the inspection, control and distribution of traffic flow to promptly   supply goods to Hanoi.
The Department  will work with functional forces to strengthen inspection and control of the market against counterfeiting, imitation goods, poor quality, speculation, hoarding goods, pushing prices.
The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is assigned to review production areas to convert and expand them to produce vegetables, tubers and aquatic products in a short time, aiming to proactively prepare source essential goods supply to meet local consumers’ demand.
The Department of Health is responsible for directing health centers of districts, towns to perform tests in the shortest time possible for drivers transporting goods to   Hanoi markets. Priority should be given to vaccination for those who are drivers transporting goods for distribution systems under the request  of the city.
The Department of Transportation is tasked to develop a plan to organize a 'green channel' in the inner city for vehicles carrying essential goods, food and groceries from provinces and cities to Hanoi.

By Tran Huong

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